Why It’s Important to Control What’s on Your Wireless Network at All Times

Securing your wireless network

There is no doubt that your wireless network is a critical component of business operations. Strong wireless connectivity enhances productivity and flexibility, especially for organizations that have a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, IoT infrastructure components, contractors, guest users, and so forth. A wireless network is also inherently scalable, making it ideal for companies…

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Organizational Security Starts with the Network

Ransomware and malware, malicious cyber threats that demand ransom payments from the organization being attacked to retrieve stolen and encrypted data, have become the most prevalent cybersecurity threats. In the last few years, such attacks have increased in frequency and severity, and typically the large-scale cyber-attacks reach the headlines as seen in the 2017 WannaCry…

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Conducting a Network Security Audit in a Few Steps

network security audit

What are the steps necessary conduct a network security audit? If you have spent five minutes on our website or blog, you are probably well-versed on the notion that conducting automated and continuous security assessments of your network is the way to go, where pro-active and preventative security measures are concerned, so as to protect…

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How NAC Achieves CIS’s Top Security Controls

nac security

The value proposition of network access control (NAC) solutions has shifted in recent years due to the onset of wireless networks, coupled with technological advancements in mobile and Internet of Things devices. Together with growing demands for the implementation compliance standards across a number of industries, companies are now required to openly communicate information about…

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