Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP): What It Is & Why Should Network Engineers Care About It

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There are several factors to consider when distributing certificates to managed devices, making it a massive undertaking. These include public key infrastructure (PKI), integration, gateway setup, configuration settings, certificate enrollment, device authentication, and more.   Thanks to the Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP), administrators can quickly and easily enroll all managed devices for client certificates without…

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The Power of Role-Based Access Control in Network Security

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Determining the right network access control (NAC) security policy for your organization isn’t an easy task.  It’s often a balancing act between keeping your network secure and ensuring employees can access the systems they need to do their jobs.  Role-based access control (or RBAC) can be a good way of ensuring your network is protected.…

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Leveraging Machine Learning for Behavior-Based Access Control

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Enterprises today need to be able to interact dynamically and share information with the right people at the right time. As a result, organizations continually add more interconnected systems to their network to allow information to be readily accessible to those that need it.   However, while this interconnectedness is crucial for modern businesses to thrive,…

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How Organizations Can Properly Secure Network Access for Remote Workforces

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IT security policies have traditionally been perimeter-based, primarily concerned with the network activity within their own office and corporate network. While remote work certainly existed before, it has now become a standard – even an expectation among employees – no matter the industry or job function.  This rapid expansion of remote workforces has created significant…

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Zero Trust Security: Your A-Z Checklist for Implementation

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What is Zero Trust Security? In 2010, John Kindervag created a security architecture which we now know today as Zero Trust. He realized that most vulnerabilities and threats occur when organizations are too trusting in their employees, devices and locations. The Zero Trust model makes a change to the old policy of “trust, but verify”…

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Why Social Engineering Attacks are on the Rise & How to Prevent Them 

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You can build the tallest walls around your castle and equip it with the most advanced defense technology, but if an insider opens the gates to your enemies, all your efforts will go wasted. This logic equally applies to cyber security: Even when a business uses state-of-the-art antivirus & malware protection software and implements robust…

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Supply Chain Attacks: What You Need to Know to Protect Against Them

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Before 2020, only logistics nerds ever talked about supply chains. Then came the blatantly disruptive supply chain crunch, courtesy of the COVID-19 pandemic. West Coast ports began to choke, and Chicago railyards swelled with traffic impeding the timely shipments of goods. This led to political finger-pointing, heavy corporate profits and losses, and disgruntled consumers nationwide.   In 2020, we began hearing…

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