802.1X Protocol for Network Authentication

801x portnox clear

EAP 802.1X uses an Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) for a challenge and response-based authentication protocol that allows a conversation between a Supplicant (the wireless/wired client) and the RADIUS (the authentication server), via an Authenticator (a wired switch or wireless access point which acts as a proxy). EAP supports multiple authentication methods, some of them are…

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Authenticating & Authorizing Corporate Endpoints During Active Directory Cloud Migration

authenticating corporate endpoints

Currently, many Network Access Control (NAC) solutions support 802.1X authentication on wireless and wired networks by using Microsoft Domain attributes, such as the credentials of domain users or computer domain membership across corporate endpoints. In addition, there are plenty of domain-group synchronization scenarios for applying access policies and posture assessments. Let’s think of an example,…

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