How to Prevent IoT from Ruining Your Life

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One of the worst things you can go through as a company is a data breach. It costs a small fortune (average of $4.35 million as of 2022), destroys your reputation, often leads to bankruptcy, and takes a massive toll on your employee’s well-being. Thus, preventing a data breach should be top of your to-do list. Today, that means taking a hard look at your connected endpoints – starting with IoT – and making sure you have the necessary tools to keep them from putting you at risk. 

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Strengthening IoT Security with Cloud-Native DHCP Listening

Enhanced IoT Fingerprinting & Security with Cloud-Native DHCP Listening More Like the Internet of Everything With the explosion of new devices connecting to the internet, IoT (or, the Internet of Things) really might as well be called IoE (or, the Internet of Everything.) The use cases for always-connected devices span across industries – from facilities…

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Digital Certificates & ChromeOS – NAC to the Rescue! 

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The phrase “game-changer” may get thrown around a bit too much, but it’s fair to say that when Google released ChromeOS and the Chromebook in 2011, it revolutionized the portable computer market. It had an especially large impact on the education market; by 2018 60% of all computers used in schools were Chromebooks.   Thanks to…

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If Only They Had a NAC…Understanding the Cisco Hack

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Cisco recently confirmed they were the victim of a data breach in which hackers were able to steal 2.8 GB of data. Although these breaches are nothing new (SolarWinds, Credit Suisse, Twitter, the list goes on…) the Cisco breach is especially concerning because many organizations rely on Cisco products to keep their networks safe.    The…

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