The 5 Key Values of Portnox Cloud

values of portnox clear

The problem with most traditional on-premise network access control solutions is their complexity across many fronts, including initial setup, configuration, scalability, and on-going maintenance and upgrades. As a truly cloud-delivered NAC service, Portnox Cloud delivers SIMPLICITY across all of these critical areas. VALUE 1: Setup Simplicity Unlike traditional on-premise solutions that require hardware appliances, software,…

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Your Castle has No Walls! All Hail, Zero Trust

Why today’s boundless company networks are like castles without walls being protected by network security systems stuck in the middle ages. Today, your network is likely comprised of your LAN, MPLS, SD-WAN, employees’ homes, Azure, Starbucks, Marriott, any airport…you get the idea. Your network extends to wherever authorized devices connect to gain access to company…

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