How to Leverage the Principle of Least Privilege for Stronger Network Security

principle of least privilege portnox

The principle of least privilege (PoLP) is an information security concept that gives applications or users minimum required network permissions to perform their jobs. Therefore, PoLP is an important aspect of privilege access management (PAM).  Implementing the principle of least privilege provides network security by avoiding needless exposure. For example, a user and employee access…

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Portnox Debuts First Cloud-Native IoT Fingerprinting and Profiling Solution

iot fingerprinting portnox

Zero Trust Security Leader Brings Lightweight, Easy-to-Use IoT Security Capabilities to the Enterprise and Mid-Market Austin, TX – October 12, 2022 — Portnox, a proven leader in cloud-native, zero trust access and endpoint security solutions, today announced the general availability of the first cloud-native IoT security solution to help mid-market and enterprise businesses address rising Internet of…

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Why Is the Healthcare Industry the Most Likely To Pay Cybercriminals for Ransomware Attacks?

ransomware attacks portnox

Times are looking more brutal than ever for one of the world’s most critical industries. Ransomware attacks are skyrocketing, and healthcare organizations are increasingly cut off from much-needed cybersecurity insurance.   But just how bad is the situation? A recent Sophos survey found that 66% of healthcare organizations were hit with a ransomware attack in 2021,…

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Implementing & Maintaining a Zero Trust Security Model for Your Enterprise

zero trust security model portnox

Protecting a company’s assets is becoming quite expensive. Many enterprises often carefully assess potential new solutions before deciding to venture into the technology. However, as costly as some of these solutions come, protecting all digital assets remains paramount.  The zero trust security model has in fact been around for years. It is a strategy that…

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Common SD-WAN Challenges & How to Avoid Them

sd-wan portnox

A Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) enables organizations to rely on a combination of transport services. The increasing use of SD-WAN for connecting enterprise networks improves productivity, reduces cost, and increases application performance.   It is a feature-packed technology that centralizes security, management, networking, and more. Consequently, organizations with cloud solutions view SD-WAN as an infrastructure…

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How To Use SASE To Establish & Enable Zero-Trust Network Access

zero trust ztna portnox

As working environments evolve, we must rethink our network security approach. The traditional “castle-and-moat” network security model, where everyone inside the network is trusted by default, but no one outside can access the data inside, is no longer fit for purpose. Faced with cloud computing, virtualization, and remote working, having a clear perimeter protecting a…

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Identity Threat Detection & Response (ITDR): What You Need To Know

identity threat detection and response portnox

Leading research firm Gartner has highlighted Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) as one of the top cybersecurity trends of 2022, along with digital supply chain risk, attack surface expansion, and others. But what exactly is ITDR, and why is it important for organizations in 2022 and beyond?  What is Identity Threat Detection & Response? …

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5G Network Security: What You Need to Know

5g network security portnox

The emergence of 5G wireless technology is no longer news to the world. Organizations and cyber security experts alike look forward to its higher speed, increased capacity, and lower latency. The 5G wireless network also boasts interactive applications, improved communication, increased labor productivity, and lower costs.  Moreover, 5G intends to provide more extensive broadband access…

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How To Protect Your Enterprise Network From Zero-Day Attacks

zero-day attacks portnox

When it comes to cyber security, no organization  can  be too careful  as cybercriminals actors are constantly crafting new ways to hack  networks. To effectively guard against them  enterprises should focus on mitigating all known gaps in their network security posture.  Of the most notable vulnerabilities is the zero-day exploit. If an organization already has…

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Risk-Based Vulnerability Management Challenges & Solutions to Overcome Them

vulnerability management portnox

In today’s cyber landscape, efficient vulnerability management is a top priority. Organizations cannot afford to take chances with cyber-attacks on the rise and the increasing sophistication of malicious actors. Unfortunately many hold the wrong perspective of vulnerability management (VM) which can cause  recurring security challenges and  for organizations.  In many cases targeted threat actors or…

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