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Portnox Releases Zero-Trust Remote Access Control Solution for Enhanced VPN & VDI Security, Offers 90 Days of Free Service

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Cloud-Delivered Solution Strengthens Remote Access Security for Growing Remote Workforces in Wake of Coronavirus Outbreak

NEW YORK, NY – March 31, 2020 – Portnox, a leading provider of cloud-delivered network access control solutions, today announced the release of its Zero-Trust Remote Access-as-a-Service solution. Purpose-built to be layered over enterprise VPNs or virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), the new cloud-delivered solution strengthens the security of remote access through VPN or VDI.

“With the COVID-19 outbreak, employees are being sent home to work. As a result, VPN usage is surging. This has left many companies scrambling to assess the security of their remote access infrastructure,” said Ofer Amitai, CEO of Portnox. “In many cases, they’re finding that they’re not prepared for such a large workforce trying to connect remotely.”

Portnox’s Zero-Trust Remote Access-as-a-Service solution elevates remote access security by enabling organizations to continually assess the risk posture of remote devices that may not be on their local network for weeks or even months, and to proactively take action based on endpoint risk – such as allowing, quarantining or denying access through the VPN. In addition to device posture assessment and access control decisions, network security teams can leverage Portnox’s solution to easily remediate devices that sit outside of internal risk policies, and restore devices to the proper posture to eventually grant network access.

“What truly makes this solution unique is that it’s delivered from the cloud. A member of the network security team can use our self-on-boarding portal to implement this from the comfort of their home in under an hour – it’s really that easy, said Tomer Shemer-Buchbut, Vice President of Products at Portnox. “Another great factor when laying this solution over your VPN or VDI, is that it requires absolutely no changes or additions be made to your existing remote infrastructure.”

For customers in select industries significantly impacted by the coronavirus outbreak, Portnox is offering the opportunity to extend maintenance and subscription periods of Portnox CLEAR by three months free of charge. Additionally, in order to help ensure that remote employees can connect securely through the VPN and remain compliant at all times, Portnox is providing three free months of remote access posture assessment for VPN access.

The rise of remote access in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic presents a series of new and unique challenges for network security professionals and the organizations they work for. Most businesses are equipped with enough VPN hardware to support 20-30% of their workforce, but with nearly everyone deemed “non-essential” working remotely, this is proving to be not nearly enough. It is expected that during this period of quarantine and social distancing that cybercrime and the number of network security threats will grow exponentially.


About Portnox

Portnox provides simple-to-deploy, operate and maintain network access control, security and visibility solutions. Portnox software can be deployed on-premises, as a cloud-delivered service, or in hybrid mode. It is agentless and vendor-agnostic, allowing organizations to maximize their existing network and cybersecurity investments. Hundreds of enterprises around the world rely on Portnox for network visibility, cybersecurity policy enforcement and regulatory compliance. The company has been recognized for its innovations by Info Security Products Guide, Cyber Security Excellence Awards, IoT Innovator Awards, Computing Security Awards, Best of Interop ITX and Cyber Defense Magazine. Portnox has offices in the U.S., Europe and Asia. For information visit, and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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Royal London Bolsters Network Security & Gains Visibility & Access Control with Portnox

Royal London Bolsters Network Security & Gains Visibility & Access Control with Portnox

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Cyber security data breaches are becoming increasingly common and severe. Today, banks, insurance companies, investment firms, and other financial institutions are considered to be prime targets. Due to the sensitivity and importance of their data, these institutions suffer approximately 300X more cyber breaches than any other industry.

In 2018, the financial sector reported 819 cyber incidents, an explosive increase from the 69 incidents reported for 2017 – including the infamous Equifax data breach. The total numbers for 2019 won’t be available until next year, yet we know that the financial sector has already experienced a number of significant attacks already this year. Such breaches included the attacks on Capital One, First American Financial Corp., Desjardins Group and Westpac/PayID.

Despite these pervasive cyber security threats, financial institutions are still failing to prevent, defend, prepare and respond effectively to attacks – particularly when it comes to network security. In many cases, the problem stems from executive leadership not prioritizing the cybersecurity budget or emphasizing its importance. Few organizations make prevention a priority, few apply the top recommended CIS controls or prepare employees on how to respond effectively in the event of a security incident. Unfortunately, poor network access control and other cyber security oversights lead to hundreds of millions of dollars in losses, the exploitation of personal data and more.

Some financial institutions, however, have already decided to take proactive measures this year to obtain risk monitoring, visibility and access controls. One such group is Royal London, the UK’s largest mutual life, pensions and investment company. Faced with limited network and device visibility, they had a variety of security and compliance issues to contend with. However, since implementing Portnox CORE, the company and all of its locations have instituted a higher level of cyber hygiene.

CORE is a simple to operate network access control solution that provides full visibility into every endpoint and component on the network, along with risk monitoring and enforcement capabilities. It is simple to deploy and manage and has received numerous cyber security awards.

From the moment Portnox’s on-premises NAC solution was implemented, Royal London’s security team has been able to successfully handle all challenges associated with visibility, control and compliance enforcement. This includes the ability to see all endpoints on the network, and ensure that they are properly secured according to company policies, privacy standards and regulatory compliance.

Furthermore, as risk-monitoring and other network security enforcement actions that would otherwise have to be done manually are now automated, Royal London’s IT team can devote their time to more important tasks, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity.

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