IoT Profiling, Visibility & Classification, Powered by Portnox CLEAR

IoT/OT Blind Spots Across Your Network At present, hundreds of millions of IoT/OT devices are in use, and that number continues to rise as organizations increasingly adopt such devices to improve productivity, insight and real-time decision making. Unfortunately, IoT/OT devices are particularly at risk to external and internal cyberthreats due to a lack of device…

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Gartner Reviews NAC Tools for 2021

nac tools

Earlier this summer, Gartner released its Market Guide for Network Access Control, which provides an overview of the leading NAC tools available to enterprises around the world. Network Access Control (NAC) sits within the larger field of cybersecurity, and more specifically network security. It is a technology that enables organizations to enact its own unique…

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Sophie Lew

Marketing Coordinator

About Sophie A recent graduate of Colorado State University, Sophie lives in the Denver, CO area. She enjoys travel, interior design, fashion and fitness. Another fun fact: her father is a new customer of Portnox, representing the University of Denver. Sophie comes to Portnox with a background in PR and marketing having interned for Divide,…

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Cyberattacks in living rooms have become the new normal

cyberattacks during pandemic

Originally posted on How can we prevent remote work from becoming a hacker’s paradise? The feeling across the business sector that Covid-19 (coronavirus) is behind us has been dissipating in recent weeks thanks to announcements by tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon that they’ll be extending their work from home policies. Unfortunately,…

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Food Company Replaces Cisco ISE with Portnox NAC

cisco ise replacement

New Jersey-based Schuman Cheese has a long, storied history of delivering world-class cheese products to the U.S. market. Operating across several facilities in New Jersey, Illinois, Wisconsin and California, the company maintains a workforce of more than 400, with revenues topping $500 million annually. A Deep Dive with Portnox CORE About four years ago, Schuman…

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Is Secure Access Service Edge the Future of Network Security?

secure access service edge

All Hail, SASE! SASE, pronounced “sassy”, stands for Secure Access Service Edge. It is a cloud-based network security model and category, proposed by Gartner in 2019. This model includes the network security solutions in a global and cloud-native service that allows IT teams to easily connect and secure all of their organization’s networks and users…

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RADIUS Authentication, Now in the Cloud

Understanding RADIUS Authentication Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) is a protocol that was historically designed to authenticate remote users to a dial-in access server. Today, RADIUS authentication is used across an array of scenarios and is well known for it AAA capabilities — authentication, authorization, and accounting. By centralizing AAA capabilities, organizations give themselves…

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How Portnox CLEAR Can Enhance Your WiFi Network Security

wifi network security

Challenges with WiFi Network Security Today WiFi extends beyond your office walls. Employees harmlessly share company WiFi passwords with guests, contractors, business neighbors without ever stopping to think about the network and information security risks this poses to their organization. Some of the top WiFi network security challenges today include: Piggybacking – In this instance, anyone…

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Understanding 802.1X Protocol & Network Access Control

802.1x protocol

What is the 802.1X Protocol? 802.1X is a networking protocol that provides an authentication method for devices wishing to connect to a LAN or WLAN. 802.1X has exception flexibility due to the fact that it’s based on the Extensible Authentication Protocol. EAP is a highly pliable standard, as it encompasses the range of EAP authentication…

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