RADIUS Change of Authorization – What is It?

The RADIUS change of authorization (as defined in RFC 5176) provides a mechanism to change authorization dynamically after the device/user is authenticated. Once there is a policy change for a user, you can send RADIUS CoA packets from the authorization server to reinitiate authentication and apply the new policy. The RADIUS CoA process allows you…

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Segmenting Your Network with Dynamic VLAN

network segmentation with Portnox CLEAR

What is Dynamic VLAN? VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks) enable segmentation of the main organizational network. In practice, VLANs allow network administrators to keep devices and network resources separated despite being connected to the same physical network. Dynamic VLAN assignment separates and isolates devices into different network segments based on the device or user authorization…

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How to Secure Remote Access With Cisco’s ASA VPN

How to secure remote access for VPN with Portnox

Long before COVID-19 had forced millions of people to stay at home and work remotely, many companies already had team members that telecommuted or connected remotely to company resources while away on business travel. In general, VPNs and cloud applications have become commonly used tools by all of us, as they allow remote employees convenient…

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