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portnox agentp
Worry-Free BYOD: How Portnox’s AgentP Balances Freedom & Security
It may sound cliché, but if there’s one point this decade has hammered home so far, it’s that the only constant is change. From the coronavirus pandemic to the Great Resignation, many of us are navigating new jobs and staffing changes, which means new BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies as work shifts from in…
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cyber security essentials
The 3 Key Areas in Cyber Security Today
Cyber security is a market plagued by acronyms, especially on the networking side. This doesn’t simplify matters. The real problem is that the security technology landscape, like its lingo, is too complex. How can anyone with their back against the wall make sense of the options presented to them in the Cyberscape? The reality is…
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device proliferation byod
Winning the War Against Hackers in the Face Of Device Proliferation
Expanding Network Edges & Device Proliferation With the advent of COVID-19, an enormous push to hybrid work changed the threat landscape. Many more activities have become remote, and therefore more reliant on and demanding of secure remote network connections. As more organizations expand their hybrid workforce models, the network edge continues to push out and…
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Remote access security best practices
Five Ways to Master Remote Access Security
Remote Access Security: A New Reality No matter what industry you’re in, your company has likely been affected by the coronavirus outbreak. In fact, you’re probably reading this from home as we speak. Remote work is a new reality. While many of us will return to the office when it’s deemed safe, many companies have…
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Controlling Network Access in an SD-WAN World
Why SD-WAN? Why Now? The rise of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud services is resulting in decentralized data traffic flows, in turn rendering the traditionally expensive Mutliprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) inefficient for wide area network (WAN) transport. This has prompted a change in networking architecture and the means of controlling network access. The emergence of software-defined…
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The Truth About MAC Spoofing
The threat behind MAC spoofing When implementing any insurance policy, you need to start with estimating the level of risk, the probability of that risk, and the potential damage should that risk become a reality. One of the network risks that is often presented to demonstrate the ineffectiveness of 802.1x solutions is the ease of…
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byod network security
How Can I Keep My WiFi Secure in the World of BYOD?
As the demand for mobility continues to increase, and Wi-Fi continues to replace Ethernet as the preferred corporate access layer, many organizations are facing similar security issues and requirements. This is particularly significant with the increasing number of guests, contractors and employees who are using their own devices on corporate networks.  In recent years, there…
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What Kind of WiFi Protected Access Should You Use to Secure Your Enterprise?
When examining WiFi security, the first layer of defense is the method being used to authenticate to the network. The most widely used methods of authentication are Open authentication, WPA2-PSK (Pre-Shared Key) and WPA2-Enterprise (read more about WPA protocols below). Below, we examine these different options for WiFi protected access. Other authentication methods such as…
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securing your wifi network
Securing Your WiFi Network: The Case for Implementing Enterprise-Grade WiFi Security
Are you using a pre-shared passkey to allow access to the organization’s WiFi network? Securing WiFi access in businesses has been historically weak. Oftentimes, companies protect their WiFi access with a pre-shared password, sometimes posting it on whiteboards within the company or placing it for all to use at the reception desk to enable easy…
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security perimeter changes
The Security Perimeter Is Dead. Long Live the New Endpoint Perimeter.
Originally posted on DarkReading. The network no longer provides an air gap against external threats, but access devices can take up the slack. Four potent forces have turned network security on its head: the decentralization of corporate networks; the proliferation of mobile devices; the evolution of the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies to include multiple devices; and…
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onboarding your device
The Best Ways to Secure Device Onboarding in The Enterprise
With the prevalence of digital transformation in the enterprise, there is a clear necessity to balance IoT security issues and BYOD security measures that will prevent suspicious or malicious devices from gaining access to the enterprise’s assets and data centers, while at the same time, making sure that productivity and easy onboarding of devices is…
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endpoint visibility portnox
College Gains Endpoint Visibility Across its Network
The College of Management Academic Studies (COMAS) has stood in the vanguard of higher education, developing into a leading institution of higher education committed to providing students with professional grounding in their particular discipline together with strong practical orientation. Today there are over 11,000 students enrolled in various programs at COMAS. Network & Endpoint Visibility…
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