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IoT/OT Blind Spots Across Your Network

At present, hundreds of millions of IoT/OT devices are in use, and that number continues to rise as organizations increasingly adopt such devices to improve productivity, insight and real-time decision making. Unfortunately, IoT/OT devices are particularly at risk to external and internal cyberthreats due to a lack of device patching and overall visibility and contextual understanding across networks. This makes IoT profiling quite difficult.

The healthcare, hospitality and manufacturing sectors are especially vulnerable due to their heavy reliance on ultrasound machines, avionics, building automation, VoIP, medical devices, printers, computers, networking equipment and energy and power infrastructure. To close this IoT/OT device visibility gap, Portnox CLEAR is introducing its IoT/OT Visibility Add-On, which enables organizations to see, profile and classify all IoT/OT devices on the network without an agent.

IoT Profiling in CLEAR: How it Works

Portnox CLEAR utilizes several methods and leverages multiple data points to actively and passively identify, profile and classify IoT/OT devices across enterprise networks, delivering detailed device profile data that takes into account device families, types, models and vendors.

iot profiling in portnox clear

With the IoT/OT Visibility Add-On, Portnox CLEAR can continuously discovers all IP-connected devices without requiring agents, the instant they enter your network. the add-on provides in-depth visibility into those devices using a combination of active and passive discovery, profiling and classification techniques.

IoT Profiling Capabilities with CLEAR

  • Device Discover – Automatically discover IoT/OT devices without needing to install yet another third-party agent across managed devices.
  • Device Profiling – Classify IoT/OT devices based on type, like MRI machines, printers, sensors and beyond.
  • Device Type Enforcement – Continuously monitor IoT/OT devices and enforce network segmentation and access policy based on device type.

IoT Profiling Advantages with CLEAR

  • Cloud Delivery – Portnox CLEAR leverages a central cloud database that utilizes crowdsourcing and machine learning to deliver better device predictability.
  • Microsegmentation – Automatically segment groups and enforce unique policies to reduce the network attack surface, improve breach containment and strengthen regulatory compliance.
  • Access Control – Define and enforce access control policies based on IoT/OT device types.
  • Complete Asset Management – Be able to report on and visualize in real-time the device types, locations and level of access for every IoT/OT on the network.

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