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The Impacts of the Ransomware Crisis on IT Teams
It’s no secret that IT teams are on the front lines of a rapidly evolving cyber-threat landscape. The ransomware crisis is raging, with attacks escalating in frequency, magnitude, and sophistication. This has impacted IT teams in multiple ways, including increased pressure to keep pace with the latest threats, complicating existing data protection efforts, and hindering…
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Why Is the Healthcare Industry the Most Likely To Pay Cybercriminals for Ransomware Attacks?
Times are looking more brutal than ever for one of the world’s most critical industries. Ransomware attacks are skyrocketing, and healthcare organizations are increasingly cut off from much-needed cybersecurity insurance.   But just how bad is the situation? A recent Sophos survey found that 66% of healthcare organizations were hit with a ransomware attack in 2021,…
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How to Protect Your Network Against a Ransomware Attack
Cyberattacks against mid-market and enterprise organizations are on the rise. From man in the middle (MitM), distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) and SQL injections, to zero-day exploits and phishing, cyberthreats are getting more sophisticated, more prevalent and more costly. But one type of cybercrime reigns supreme: ransomware.  Not-so-fun facts about ransomware today:  Ransomware cost the world $20 billion in 2021. That number is expected to rise to $265 billion by…
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REvil Ransomware Attack Illustrates IT Systems Need for Epidemiological Investigation
Originally posted on CTECH Examining the REvil ransomware attack The recent REvil ransomware attack has revealed that our computer systems are vulnerable to unknown and surprising pathogens, similar to our vulnerability to Covid-19. The hackers claim that the attack penetrated more than a million workstations, and demanded about $70 million to unlock them. However, the…
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To Fight Ransomware Hacks Drain the Cryptocurrency Swamp
Originally posted on Times of Israel These ransomware hacks, or kind of digital extortion – increasingly viewed as terrorism – would be impossible without the ability to move money around anonymously Last month, a cybercriminal group penetrated the Colonial Pipeline. This wasn’t just “another” one of those ransomware hacks, with privacy consequences and threats on…
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Organizational Security Starts with the Network
Ransomware and malware, malicious cyber threats that demand ransom payments from the organization being attacked to retrieve stolen and encrypted data, have become the most prevalent cybersecurity threats. In the last few years, such attacks have increased in frequency and severity, and typically the large-scale cyber-attacks reach the headlines as seen in the 2017 WannaCry…
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Phishing And Ransomware – Your Inbox’s Worst Nightmare
Phishing and Ransomware are two of the most common cyber attacks in the current internet landscape, yet center around the practice of digital blackmail. With a combination of the two, phishing ransomware attacks, are some of the most vicious threats. Nilly Assia, Portnox’s CMO, shares several rules of thumb that we should live by in the…
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Ransomware and Internet of Things: Partners in Crime
If you’ve been reading cybersecurity publications lately, you’re probably aware that ransomware  and Internet of Things (IoT) are now some of the biggest concerns within the cybersecurity community. Besides all of the relevant scenarios and security products that are presented to prepare for or attempt to prevent ransomware attacks or an IoT breach, there is…
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How to Avoid the True Cost of Ransomware
Recently, ransomware attacks on enterprise were all over the news. From the massive WannaCry attack in May 2017, which affected 300,000 devices worldwide (if not more), and the Petya (also known as NotPetya) attack in June 2017, it seems that there is no rest for the ransomware wicked. More than ever, businesses are aware that…
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Patched or Unpatched? – That is the Question
Patched or Unpatched? – That Is the Question
“Ransomware” may now officially be the most searched word on Google. That’s because this month, the alleged hacker group the Shadow Brokers executed yet another global ransomware attack, the ‘Petya’ attack, which manipulated many of the same vulnerabilities as the May WannaCry attack. In light of this new and worrisome wave of ransomware cyber crime,…
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Ransomware Response & Control: Best Practices
Ransomware and malware, malicious cyber threats that request victims to pay a ransom to retrieve stolen and encrypted data, are now the most prevalent cybersecurity threats. Recently, such attacks have increased in frequency and severity, evidenced in the 2017 WannaCry attacks that affected over 200,000 computers globally. Faced with the threat of ransomware attacks, many organizations…
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