In search of network security and simplicity

In this new article Ofer Amitai, CEO & co-founder of Portnox, outlines the seven most important capabilities that agencies should focus on when choosing a NAC solution.

After all, we live today in the world of devices.  In almost every enterprise, devices outnumber employees. Everything is connected these days — IP phones, the conference room smart TV, the AC systems, the lighting infrastructure and coffee machines. IP addresses rule.

The people in charge of network security must now plan for a new set of threats. For each organization that plan looks a bit different, but it should always surround the “crown jewels” with the appropriate security techniques. For government agencies, these jewels would include personally identifiable information on citizens and employees, national security-related information, financial data and mission-critical systems.  IT managers must make sure that IoT, bring-your-own and managed devices are not posing a risk to the agency’s assets.

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