Innovation Spotlight: Securing the Internet of Things in the BYOD Era

IoT devices are possibly the weakest point in the corporate network and their vulnerabilities are unlikely to disappear anytime soon.

Securing the IoT in the BYOD era is no doubt going to increase the complexity exponentially in organizations both large and small. Visibility is the key to protecting your corporate network. Ofer Amitai, the co-founder and CEO of Portnox, discusses this with Information Age in its ongoing series, Innovation Spotlight.

“What I think we are missing as an industry, or as a society is that this problem of digital crime – which is on the rise – is not just for us as security vendors to solve, said Ofer Amitai, Portnox CEO and cofounder. We’re happy and we’re committed to helping organizations protect themselves against crime, but this is essentially the job of governments as well”

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