Portnox¬†bridges the gap between incident ‘response’ and incident ‘prevention’.

As organizations struggle to gain better visibility and insight the information remains overwhelming, disparate and disconnected. As the network’s chief intelligence officer, Portnox serves at the nexus of all security decisions. Its unparalleled accuracy and built-in intelligence allow it to enhance the operation of the majority of all common SIEM/SOC solutions.

But beyond this contributory role, Portnox provides an immediate enforcement mechanism that can take the information shared by these technologies and turn them into swift, deliberate and decisive actions on the network. This truly makes the difference between reactive security, where the emphasis is on discovery and containment, and true prevention.

By integrating with these best of breed technologies out of the box, and allowing further integration through a robust and easy to leverage API, Portnox ensures the highest levels of integrity and security.

We had a critical incident where one of our technologies indicated to us that a sensitive machine was compromised. It took almost 2 hours to locate the machine. It took our facilities team another day to repair the drywall in the room as our CISO yanked out the wire forcefully. Now, with Portnox, our network (and drywall) has never been safer.

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Detection & Compliance

Detection and Compliance

From AV to personal firewalls through APT, MDM and desktop management solutions.



Desktops, laptops, servers, phones, cameras, printers, tablets, BYOD and IoT.



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