The scale and complexity of networks and devices is only growing and administrators are being asked to do so much more with less and less resources available.


Portnox Protects Financial Institutions

The scale and complexity of networks and devices is only growing and administrators are being asked to do so much more with less and less resources available.
Portnox delivers:

  • 100% real time visibility of all networks, locations and layers.
  • Intelligent enforcement of network access policies and regulatory compliance.
  • Dynamic VLAN assignment based on user identity, device type and location.
  • Unmatched scale, unparalleled control.
  • Unified network management console

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Portnox Protects Financial Institutions

Everyone is being asked to do more with less. This is all the more true in today’s financial institutions where an array of changing regulatory and compliance requirements must be met [GLBA, SOX, PCI DSS, FINRA, FFIEC, NCUA, SB 1386, EU Directive and more]. Most all of these relate directly or indirectly to the bank’s ability to prove effective knowledge, control, monitoring and audit of all networked devices and users.

At the same time, the network continues to expand and advance with demand for more online services, expanded wireless, guest networks, VPN, virtual and cloud access/services. Add to this the acceleration of user and networked devices [tablets, phones, printers, cameras, etc.] and you have a perfect storm of growing devices, expanding networks with increased need for compliance and threat response. Additional challenges include:

Trust and Confidence

  • Effectively and accurately visualize all networks and devices in all locations.
  • Ensure only the right users have access to the right data from the right devices.


  • Enforce policies on all connected devices at all times.
  • Significantly decrease incident occurrences.
  • Shrink incident response times and automate threat mitigation.

Complexity and Scale

  • Inter-operate with all existing (including legacy) infrastructure.
  • Support the increasing variety of connected devices.
  • Achieve potentially massive scale of monitored users/devices.
  • Scale, in a cost effective manner, to address the multitude of branches, global offices and locations.


Portnox Protects Financial Institutions

The good news is, with our innovative and industry leading network access control solution, this is exactly where Portnox delivers the most value to our financial services customers.

We know — Network Access Control (NAC) – you have heard it all before! As a financial services company you already have some form of NAC deployed? The problem – it does not scale or provide the necessary features to meet your growing network and device proliferation needs. Almost without exception, when we first engage financial services prospects we hear a strong degree of skepticism driven by past NAC promises vs. deployed reality. The fact is, traditional vendor and internal NAC solutions suffer from many common limitations that make it almost impossible to deliver an effective, functional NAC solution for today’s financial services company.

Unparalleled Visibility and Accuracy

If it is on the network and its not turned off – Portnox will see it – other solutions might miss it. Why? Portnox does not use IP ranges and scans but instead speaks natively to the switches, wireless controllers, VPN gateways and routers to ensure that each and every connected device is immediately visible – nothing can hide!

Complete and Intelligent Control

Accuracy and policy agility has always been the Achilles’ heel of NAC solutions. Far too often policies fail by disconnecting the right user (an executive with a minor policy mismatch, for instance) or worse, connecting the wrong user (malicious user or infected device). When you see everything, you can make far more accurate, intelligent and automated decisions. This is why Portnox has been able to deliver far more value and graduate from being yet another monitoring solution to a proactive and competent enforcer.

Policy enforcement should not be ‘one size fits all’. In the same way a bank or insurance provider will assess the risk of a specific loan or policy, so should NAC solutions consider all the possible factors available before making a decision about a specific device, network location or user identity. Portnox leverages a unique intelligence engine that allows administrators to weigh the prior behavior of a user, device or location before deciding how to enforce a policy infraction.

Beyond the obvious device quarantine and port-shut commands, Portnox offers a wide variety of intelligent and context sensitive enforcement options. These include:

  • Dynamic VLAN Assignment – Ensuring the right user lands in the right VLAN based on their identity, device type, location and time.
  • Dynamic VLAN Assignment – (a.k.a. ‘let’s see what happens’) In scenarios where you’re not 100% the offense is detrimental to security, Portnox can monitor the device closely, recording all traffic to/from, and set specific thresholds that will invoke a more forceful enforcement if an when needed.

Scale Everywhere, Work With Everything

Portnox deploys easily and quickly with no changes to infrastructure or devices required. It does not use appliances or agent software to deliver its full capabilities. Instead, it operates as a server running over Windows using a SQL Server back-end using native protocols such as SNMP, telnet/SSH, NetConf to speak with all existing network infrastructure. No span ports, mirror ports or infrastructure upgrades are needed. Portnox then leverages a wide variety (25+) of accurate standard and proprietary authentication methods to validate and verify each connected device.

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