Portnox delivers real-time, actionable visibility and network access control management to healthcare institutes, ensuring they are secure and complaint with industry regulations.


Portnox Secures Healthcare

Portnox eliminates all the common NAC pitfalls and is able to bring the promise of full real-time device visibility and network access control to a reality.  Some of the many benefits our healthcare customers realize when deploying Portnox are:

  • Increased scale at reduced cost – no need for on-site appliances and/or resources to deploy.
  • True client/Agentless deployment.
  • Unparalleled Guest Networking functionality.
  • 100% network coverage – all locations  – all networks (wired, wireless, etc.)
  • 100% real-time device visibility – if it has power, Portnox will find and control it.
  • 100% device coverage that includes network enabled medical devices.
  • Flexible BYOD options to best align with your specific needs.
  • Flexible and extensive device access policies based on (user, device, location, time, risk score).

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Portnox Secures Healthcare

The device and network footprint is growing across all industries, but few more then the healthcare industry.  Not only are those in the healthcare industry having to deal with the normal growth of user devices, BYOD and network expansion (wireless, cloud, etc).  Add to this the explosion of IP enabled medical devices, both static and mobile, and you have unmatched level of device inventory, authorization and control issues in one of the highest regulated industries where failure can literally make the difference between life and death.

Let’s take a closer look at just one of the unique access control problems faced by many healthcare organizations – the network enabled and mobile medical device and some of the interesting and unique challenges they impose on today’s healthcare enterprise:

  • They often store sensitive patient information.
  • They are mobile and easily moved to unauthorized or unsecure locations.
  • Often cannot support an agent – required by most NAC solutions for remediation.

Healthcare administrators are constantly challenged with streamlining BYOD onboarding, contractor/vendor access and even guest networking functionality for patients and family. Furthermore, the industry as a whole is seeing increased mergers and cross network collaboration placing a stronger-than-before emphasis on scale and agility.


Portnox Secures Healthcare

We know — Network Access Control (NAC) – you have heard it all before!  You’ve likely already attempted to deploy one form or another of NAC.  The problem – it does not scale or provide the necessary features to meet your growing network and device proliferation needs. Ultimately, it either disconnected the right user (doctor or nurse) or allowed the wrong user/device onto the network. That was before Portnox.

Unparalleled Visibility and Accuracy

If it is on the network and its not turned off – Portnox will see it – other solutions might miss it. Why? Portnox does not use IP ranges and scans but instead speaks natively to the switches, wireless controllers, VPN gateways and routers to ensure that each and every connected device is visible in real time – nothing can hide!

Complete and Intelligent Control With No Agent Software

Accuracy and policy agility has always been the Achilles’ heel of NAC solutions. Far too often policies fail by disconnecting the right user (a doctor or nurse with a minor policy mismatch, for instance) or worse, connecting the wrong user (malicious user or infected device from a visiting patient/family or vendor). When you see everything, you can make far more accurate, intelligent and automated decisions.  This is why Portnox has been able to deliver far more value and graduate from being yet another monitoring solution to a proactive and competent enforcer.

A simple thing, like factoring a device’s location, can greatly increase accuracy as well as deliver additional benefits such as inventory and usage reporting – e.g. a mobile ultrasound device authorized with network access on the maternity floor, attempts to gain access from orthopedics might be of interest.

Next, Portnox does not require any agents – not for device illumination, monitoring or even remediation. While it is common for vendors to claim Agentless deployment, the reality is that once policies are enforced, an agent is required for remediation. This is not the case with Portnox.

Finally, policy enforcement should not be ‘one size fits all’. In the same way a bank or insurance provider will assess the risk of a specific loan or policy, so should NAC solutions consider all the possible factors available before making a decision about a specific device, network location or user identity. Portnox leverages a unique intelligence engine that allows administrators to weigh the prior behavior of a user, device or location before deciding how to enforce a policy infraction.

Scale Across All Hospitals, Clinics and Centers

Portnox deploys easily and quickly with no changes to infrastructure or devices required. It does not use appliances or agent software to deliver its full capabilities. Instead, it operates as a server running over Windows using a SQL Server back-end using native protocols such as SNMP, telnet/SSH, NetConf to speak with all existing network infrastructure. No span ports, mirror ports or infrastructure upgrades are needed. Portnox then  leverages a wide variety (25+) of accurate and proprietary authentication methods to validate and verify each connected device.

A Smarter Guest Networking Solution

A simple ‘accept’ on a security policy is typically not enough to thwart users from attempting to abuse the network. Moreover, users are less and less likely (or happy) to fill out registration forms and manage credentials for casual network access. Portnox’s guest networking solutions offer embedded authentication and accounting with all common authentication methods, including federated authentication with social media (Facebook, LinkedIN, Google+ and more). Guests are provided with an easy and straightforward means of authentication while administrators get enriched guest and usage logs.

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