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AI-Powered Identity Authentication
AI-Powered Identity Authentication Is Here: What You Need To Know
AI can provide more secure authentication by going beyond traditional boundaries & incorporating data context, biometrics, and patterns in user behavior.
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Cyber Risk Quantification
Understanding the Ins & Outs of Cyber Risk Quantification
Introduction In today’s digital world, cyber risk is high and growing. The best way to control this risk is with a proactive cyber security strategy that quantifies and measures your company’s vulnerability to theft, fraud, or data breach. The cyber threat landscape is diverse, and there is a wide range of potential threats in this…
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How Does Passwordless Authentication Fit With Zero Trust Security Models?
Will 2023 be the year we finally eliminate passwords? For the last decade, cybersecurity experts have both been pushing for and predicting that a passwordless future is just around the corner. However, while passwords have been declining in recent years in favor of more robust forms of authentication, an entirely passwordless future has yet to…
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passwordless authentication portnox
Passwordless Authentication: A Paradigm Shift in Security
Passwordless authentication appears to be the new belle of the ball amongst tech experts. Of course, the reasons all bother on the general challenges experienced by security companies and businesses.  The security and tech world continue to advance in scope and sphere – through  developing efforts to improve existing structure.  These changes  are prompted by …
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Filling the Access Security Gap With Certificate-Based Authentication
It should come as no surprise that passwords have fallen out of favor as a reliable method of authentication. This is because passwords are often weak (easily guessable), can be forgotten, and password stores become a weak point for security (if an intruder accesses the password store, they hit the motherload). Luckily, there is a…
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radius server portnox
The Benefits of Moving Your RADIUS Server to the Cloud
Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS Authentication) authenticates and authorizes users trying to access a network by sending client access requests to a RADIUS server. The requests are formatted with data such as the client’s password, username, port, and IP address which are then examined in the database for matches.  Leveraging RADIUS in your organization…
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scep portnox
Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP): What It Is & Why Should Network Engineers Care About It
There are several factors to consider when distributing certificates to managed devices, making it a massive undertaking. These include public key infrastructure (PKI), integration, gateway setup, configuration settings, certificate enrollment, device authentication, and more.   Thanks to the Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP), administrators can quickly and easily enroll all managed devices for client certificates without…
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Windows Authentication
Adding Windows Domain Authentication Method
The most common endpoint OS Portnox CORE encounters is Windows, which is part of a domain. Portnox can authenticate Windows in various ways even if it is in a workgroup. In this video you will learn how to configure a windows domain authentication method and how to configure an authentication policy. In the Portnox CORE…
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Fingerprint Authentication
New Fingerprint Authentication Method & Policy
One of the unique authentication methods employed by Portnox CORE is the OS (Operating System) Fingerprint, also known as the OSFP authentication method. The value of OSFP is that during deployment you can create the fingerprint for YOUR devices, thereby making sure that if someone were to plug a similar device to the type that…
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SSH Authentication
Adding SSH Authentication Method & Policy
SSH authentication method is used to authenticate and authorize linux based devices, MAC OS, network equipment and more. Watch this video to learn more:
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Setting Hives
Setting Up Hives
A hive is a group of network entities and components such as switches and access points. Hives are used for the graphical, hierarchical and geographical representation of an organization. A hive can be used for setting user permissions (i.e. Allowing the branch IT manager to only see his own branch network environment without visibility of…
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Giving a Voucher – Temporary Exception
Defining exceptions is a reality in the implementation of NAC. Portnox allows defining a temporary exception with a click. The Voucher authentication method will allow Portnox CORE admins the option of giving certain endpoints temporary access to the enterprise network. This is a convenient option when contractors and guests are expected to onboard. Watch this…
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