Case Study

Regional Credit Union Strengthens
Remote Access Security with Portnox CLEAR.

In early 2020, UFCU began to assess options for securing access through its corporate VPN for employees working remotely. By midway through the first quarter of 2020, this project had been accelerated thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic that was sweeping the globe and forcing millions of Americans to work from home – including nearly 200 employees at UFCU.

With a rise in remote workers, the credit union – like many other organizations – worried about remote network threats due to unpreparedness. “At the end of the day, we wanted an easier way to disconnect someone from the VPN,” said Josh Marshall, Information Systems Manager at UFCU.

“Additionally, our network security team told us we needed to be able to assure only authorized UFCU employees were connecting through the VPN, which at the time wasn’t quick or robust enough to propagate out. Requests like this began to stack up on top of one another, and we knew we’d need to start searching for a solution that could meet these needs.”

With a growing list of network security requirements and a workforce being sent home seemingly overnight in the midst of a pandemic, Marshall knew time was of the essence…



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