Sophie Lew

Marketing Coordinator


About Sophie

A recent graduate of Colorado State University, Sophie lives in the Denver, CO area. She enjoys travel, interior design, fashion and fitness. Another fun fact: her father is a new customer of Portnox, representing the University of Denver. Sophie comes to Portnox with a background in PR and marketing having interned for Divide, a PR-Social agency based in Denver. At Divide, she worked on writing pitches, monitoring social media outlets, assisting with media interviews and a whole lot more.

Q&A with Sophie

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

The first thing I do when I wake up in the mornings is check my phone for any new emails or texts and then I walk downstairs to my kitchen and make a cup of coffee. I can’t start my day without a little caffeine!


Share the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you.

If you live a life trying to make everyone happy, you will end up unhappy with yourself. Do good to others, but don’t forget to focus on yourself.


What’s your process of turning a bad day into a good one?

If I am having a bad day usually what helps me turn it around is doing something active and getting my mind off things. I also like to talk with friends and do a fun activity to kind of hit the ” re set” button.


What is your favorite thing about working for Portnox?

My favorite thing about working for Portnox is the environment even though it is majority work from home. Everyone communicates and makes it easy to know what is going on, regardless of not being an office. It is important to feel like you are part of a team even when everyone is all spread out and Portnox does a great job at that!


What led you to decide you wanted to work at Portnox?

What attracted me most about Portnox is their innovative approach to cyber security. I was new to this field to start off, and I thought it was a cool place to start and learn more.


What does a work/life balance look like to you?

Work/life balance for me is having time during each day to do something I enjoy doing. Weather that be going on a walk, going to work out or meeting up with a friend from lunch. It is important to have parts of your day that you look forward to, while still being able to accomplish all your work.

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