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WEBINAR: Network Access Control: A Must-Have in the Cybersecurity Arsenal
In this webinar, co-hosted by Portnox and CyberTEK, we examine how Portnox CLEAR – the first and only cloud-delivered NAC-as-a-Service – is helping organizations gain actionable network visibility and continuous risk monitoring of all endpoints across all access layers – no matter device type or geo-location.
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Revitalized NAC for LAN and Cloud
As long as enterprise organizations try to maintain private networks, the challenge of determining which devices are considered safe for entry will remain. Whether this access decision is made using physical or virtual enforcement controls does not matter much from a policy perspective. Organizations desiring private LANs will simply want something workable to determine which…
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Tips to Stay Secure in the Mobile Enterprise
Enterprise mobility, or an approach to the workforce that enables employees to do their work from any location using available devices and applications, is a growing trend tied to digital transformation. In a 2016 survey conducted by Harris Poll, 90% of IT decision makers marked enabling enterprise mobility as a significant chunk of their IT…
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Nominate Portnox & Portnox CLEAR in the 2018 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards
Portnox is proud to announce that it has been nominated in two categories for the 2018 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, in the company category for “Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company” and in the product category, for the second-year in a row, Portnox CLEAR is nominated in the “Cloud Security” category. The Cybersecurity Excellence Awards are an annual…
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Ransomware and Internet of Things: Partners in Crime
If you’ve been reading cybersecurity publications lately, you’re probably aware that ransomware  and Internet of Things (IoT) are now some of the biggest concerns within the cybersecurity community. Besides all of the relevant scenarios and security products that are presented to prepare for or attempt to prevent ransomware attacks or an IoT breach, there is…
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How to Avoid the True Cost of Ransomware
Recently, ransomware attacks on enterprise were all over the news. From the massive WannaCry attack in May 2017, which affected 300,000 devices worldwide (if not more), and the Petya (also known as NotPetya) attack in June 2017, it seems that there is no rest for the ransomware wicked. More than ever, businesses are aware that…
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Cloud Security Mythbusters – Debunking the Top 5 Cloud Security Myths
Whether you’re a fan of digital transformation or not, there’s no denying that the shift to the cloud is engulfing enterprise IT. According to Gartner, over the next five years, over $1 trillion in compounded IT spending will be directly or indirectly impacted by the cloud shift, making cloud computing one of the most disruptive…
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Patched or Unpatched? – That is the Question
Patched or Unpatched? – That Is the Question
“Ransomware” may now officially be the most searched word on Google. That’s because this month, the alleged hacker group the Shadow Brokers executed yet another global ransomware attack, the ‘Petya’ attack, which manipulated many of the same vulnerabilities as the May WannaCry attack. In light of this new and worrisome wave of ransomware cyber crime,…
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