Controlling BYOD Access for the Mobile Workforce

The mobile workforce now accounts for 40% of the global workforce. Now’s the time to ensure complete BYOD security


With the rapid adoption of BYOD, paired with corporate encouragement for the use of innovative mobile technologies, workforce mobility is an increasingly common business practice across a number of industries.


Portnox Access Control Solutions

Portnox is a pure-play network access control vendor offering Portnox CLEAR as cloud solution to help control exposure to digital business risks arising from the enterprise mobility shift. Portnox’s solutions are able to identify devices accessing the network that are located both on or off campus, to apply network security controls, and control, block or quarantine access for a device based on its security posture and level of risk.

  • Portnox CLEAR: Cloud NAC that grants access and authenticates devices based on their contextual risk score, compiled from a number of parameters and the company’s network security policy to keep suspicious or potentially vulnerable devices off the network.

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By Controlling Network Access, You Control Your Level of Exposure to Key Digital Business Risks