Portnox CLEAR Solution

The leading network access solution, security risk management & device visibility solution delivered seamlessly in the cloud.


  • Continuous On & Off Premise Endpoint Assessment
  • Control Network Access & Security Governance
  • Pervasive Device Visibility
  • Robust Guest Access Management
  • Reduce Attack Surface & Manage Risks
  • IoT Discovery & Visibility
  • Zero-Touch Configuration
  • Risk-Adaptive Access over VPN

Watch this video to see how CLEAR controls access to the cloud


Digital transformation, the mobile workforce, BYOD, IoT & cloud are drivers of enterprise success, but they put your network security & information at risk.


Portnox CLEAR

NAC as-a-Service Solution

Portnox CLEAR is a cloud-based network access control solution that simplifies the management of emerging cyber risks in enterprise.

Together with its light-weight architecture, built from the ground up in the cloud, CLEAR has all of the benefits of a SaaS solution paired with robust access control and network visibility capabilities.

CLEAR is made up of holistic risk and threat management tools, performing vulnerability assessments, automated patch controls and collecting threat intelligence feeds for all endpoints accessing the network - no matter their physical or logical location.

Based on detailed risk assessments, CLEAR grants, denies or limits access to the network while providing full visibility into the state and behavior of network devices.

Drawing on advances in machine learning, CLEAR is armed with a thorough analytical engine to detect emerging digital business risks, cyber breaches and network anomalies in real time.

Runs on Microsoft Azure

2019 Softshell Vendor Awards 2019 Cyber Defense Magazine Infosec Awards 2018 IOT INNOVATOR AWARDS 2018 Cyber Security Excellence Awards 2018 Cyber Security Excellence Awards

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The Future of Network Security is CLEAR


Minimize Your Window of

BYOD, IoT and Cloud are taking over your organization, and you need a network access control solution that can keep up. CLEAR's agile architecture allows for pervasive visibility into all network devices, connecting from all locations.


'Eye in the Sky' - Advanced
Network Analytics

Ensure that all devices - desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile & IoT - are in compliance with network security policies by defining governance policies to effectively control potential risks.


Automate Your

CLEAR's analytical capabilities assign each device a risk score based on its level of compliance with security policy. Don't let security protocols interfere with workforce productivity.


Control Access for the
Mobile Workforce

With CLEAR's augmented VPN security for remote access, gain full visibility and control in and outside of your security perimeter.


Configuration & Support

Getting started with CLEAR is easy as pie. Just login and start protecting your network from cyber threats. CLEAR is a turn-key solution in the NAC industry in that it doesn't require training, manual updates or maintenance.

By Controlling Network Access, You Control Your Level of Exposure to Key Digital Business Risks