Know Your Network

Innovation in mobile, Internet of Things (IoT) and BYOD are among today’s most powerful business drivers.
Can your network access control solution identify, control & manage all of the growing security risks on your increasingly dynamic network?

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Key Features of Portnox’s NAC Solution

  • Next-Generation Network Access Control
  • 100% Visibility into All Access Layers
  • Agentless – No Client Required
  • Comprehensive Out-of-the-Box Compliance Checks
  • Co-exists with 802.1X
  • No Traffic Manipulation or Topology Changes
  • Vendor Agnostic, Seamless Integration
  • IoT Radar – No Device Can Hide!

Do you have visibility and control of all the devices on your network?

Gartner reports that most enterprises are only aware of 80% of the devices on their network. Make this number 100% with Portnox’s state-of-the-art agentless, software-based NAC solution


An award-winning solution for On-Premise NAC

Besides being easy to integrate, deploy and manage, Portnox CORE offers real-time visibility into any and all devices connected or connecting to your network, giving your IT team comprehensive Network Access Management (NAM) capabilities. Our seamless NAC solution is completely vendor agnostic and can be integrated into any infrastructure so that you can start leveraging value from your hyper-connected enterprise within minutes of installation.

2019 Softshell Vendor Awards 2019 Cyber Defense Magazine Infosec Awards 2018 IOT INNOVATOR AWARDS

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Get to the CORE of Network Access Control with Cutting-Edge Features



CORE communicates natively with connected devices on the network to validate their OS, level of compliance, and identity. This includes popular user-driven devices such as BYOD, IoT and Mobile.


with 802.1X

Providing organizations with infrastructural flexibility and continuous integration regardless of their legacy systems.



Expand knowledge of your network to understand operating systems, open ports, abnormal changes and more. CORE’s IoT radar has its eyes on all devices at all times.


Full Visbility into All
Network Devices

See the physical and logical location of each device and conduct real-time posture assessments. Understand the history of installed applications and running services, as well as network usage patterns.



With support for the leading compliance checks, we’ve got your authentication and network compliance concerns covered.


Enrich Your
Security Profile

Our solution communicates smoothly with a large array of existing third party network and security applications, adding an extra layer of insight and enforcement.

“We selected Portnox…to allow for seamless access…while ensuring we have the proper security in place to block potential hacks or unauthorized users”
Sean Reddington,
Director of Information Technology & CISO

“The fact that Portnox requires no appliances, no agents on devices and no infrastructure changes makes it simple and easy to implement. Along with Next Generation Firewalls, Portnox has the greatest potential to defend against today’s cyber threats.”
Meena Martin,
IT Security Manager

Convinced that CORE is the NAC solution you’ve been looking for?