Portnox CLEAR

Cloud-Native Network Access Control

Enterprise-grade network & endpoint security essentials for companies of all sizes.

Portnox CLEAR is the first and only cloud-native NAC-as-a-Service purpose-built for today's lean, overworked IT teams combatting today's toughest network threats.

Complete Endpoint Awareness

Simple Network Authentication

24/7 Endpoint Risk Monitoring

Out-of-the-Box Integrations

Total Network Visibility

Dynamic Access Control

Auto Endpoint Remediation

Fast & Easy Deployment

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Please make sure to provide an email address with the same email domain as that of the users who will be registering for the service. No public email addresses are allowed, such as @gmail.com, @hotmail.com, etc. Following registration, you will be asked to verify ownership of this domain.

Data protection
Select a location where Portnox will store your data and information. This will ensure that your region's regulatory data compliance requirements are met.
Note: Be sure to confirm this location as it cannot be changed later.

International selected by default, but it would be even better if since we ask for the country anyway, just change the default selection based on that (if I chose 'Czech Republic' from the list, select Europe)

The fastest, most effective way to achieve long-term zero trust


See & understand

Gain real-time visibility of endpoints trying to connect to your network and infrastucture, plus additional context such as their location, device type, and requested access layer for authentication.

Extend zero trust security coverage to company devices, BYOD and IoT / OT alike, no matter if they're authenticating via wired ports, WiFi or VPN.

Control & monitor

Define and enforce unique access control policies based on roles, locations, device types and more across your various network access layers.

Additionally, leverage Portnox Cloud's powerful risk assessment policy configuration capabilities to continually monitor the risk posture of connected devices - including managed and BYOD - enabling your network administrators to understand the true zero trust security posture of the network at any point in time.


Remain compliant

Quarantine vulnerable, non-compliant devices and return them to a healthy, compliant state automatically by setting unique endpoint remediation policies in accordance with your compliance requirements.

Portnox Cloud's compliance enforcement capabilities can help your organization adhere to industry-specific regulatory and compliance standards such as HIPAA, GLBA, PCI DSS, GDPR and beyond.

Here's what our customers have to say...


We examined a number of products, and decided to go with Portnox Cloud because of its ease-of-deployment. We were set up within half an hour, which exceeded expectations.

Daniel Blackman

Head of IT, McLaren Construction


We conducted a test of Portnox Cloud – your cloud NAC service – for access control across our WiFi environment. It took literally ten minutes to set up with the help of Portnox’s support engineer.

Andrew Sayegh

IT Infrastructure Admin, Schuman Cheese


We set up our account and set a meeting to assess where we were and what we needed to do. Well, my systems admin basically got everything configured in a few days on his own .

Chris Becker

National IT Director, AbsoluteCare

Sign up, test & deploy in days, not months.

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Sign Up

Sign up for a free 30-day trial of Portnox CLEAR online. (30 seconds)

Connect Network

Point our cloud RADIUS to your select networking hardware. (3 minutes)

Configure Policies

Configure your unique network access and risk policies. (30 minutes)

Fully Deploy

Complete testing and fully deploy across your entire network. (30 days)

Zero trust security essentials you want. All in one place.


    • One-click cloud RADIUS
    • Anti-flood protection
    • RadSec support & RADIUS forwarding

  • Authentication

    • Role-based authentication
    • MAC authentication bypass
    • Certificate authority services

  • Security

    • 802.1X authentication
    • Dynamic VLAN / ACL assignment
    • Post-connect authorization

  • Visibility

    • Monitoring-only mode
    • Archived device data retention
    • Managed, BYOD & IoT profiling

  • Control

    • Role- & location-based access
    • Policy group assignment per device type
    • Auto-segmentation of users

  • Mitigation

    • Endpoint risk posture assessment
    • Risk-based access control
    • Firewall, antivirus & app checks

  • Remediation

    • Endpoint quarantining
    • Firewall & antivirus updates
    • Compliance enforcement

  • Reporting

    • Device visibility & connection timeline
    • Guest access history
    • Security & compliance adherence

Essential SaaS integrations.

Portnox's cloud NAC solution prides itself on its partnerships and collaborations with industry-leading technologies to provide customers with the latest, greatest and most secure network access control solutions.

Networking hardware agnostic.

Portnox CLEAR NAC-as-a-Service can accommodate today’s most common networking hardware and architecture. As a true cloud-native SaaS solution, Portnox CLEAR is capable of handling networks of any size or scale.

Switch to cloud-native & save!

Save time and lower your total cost of ownership by eliminating on-going maintenance, upgrades, network downtime, and end-of-life costs typically associated with traditional on-premises NAC.

Try Portnox CLEAR for free today.

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