Endpoint Risk Monitoring

Monitor the risk of every device connected to
your network – even ones you don’t own.

Endpoint security is a fine line to walk – users will inevitably want to connect to the corporate network with a variety of devices set up according to their personal preferences. IT will want to maintain control over any device that joins the network, and make sure that the risk these outside devices pose is as low as possible. Thankfully there is a happy medium – endpoint risk monitoring and assessment with Portnox.

Endpoint Risk Monitoring
endpoint risk monitoring portnox

Make sure your BYOD policy isn’t leaving you exposed.

Users may prioritize ease-of-use over security, but IT has a responsibility to make sure personal devices don’t expose the organization to more threats. Having a passcode on a phone, making sure anti-virus software is up to date, and running a firewall are some basic measures that should not interfere with everyday functions, but how can IT make sure these policies are enforced? Well, Portnox’s endpoint risk assessment functionality can check all of those boxes...and more.

Network security starts with endpoint security.

Portnox’s powerful risk assessment policy capabilities let you specify requirements across a variety of devices and operating systems – from the Windows firewall to peripherals on macOS and the passcodes on Android and iOS. That means your BYOD devices won’t be bringing you increased vulnerabilities. And risk policies are constantly evaluated, so no post-connection changes can sneak past the watchful eyes of Portnox. Download our product brief to learn more about how to minimize your risk while still allowing users the freedom to BYOD.

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