Endpoint Remediation

Bring connected endpoints back to a healthy,
compliant state automatically.

Endpoint remediation is the final - and arguably most critical - action performed by any network access control solution worth its salt. With Portnox, we’ve made it easy to remediate devices in order to stay compliant day in and day out.

Endpoint Remediation
endpoint remediation portnox

Mitigate risk for endpoints running out-of-date software & more.

Cyber threats such as malware, fraud, ransomware, phishing, spyware, spoofing, and many more aim to damage data or disrupt operations. Endpoints remain the biggest target for attacks since they make up the digital perimeter for most organizations. Sadly, every device is a potential entry point for cyber attacks. With Portnox, you can create your own unique risk assessment policies to identify devices that are missing critical software patches or updates and automatically inform the user that changes need to be made in order to get back on the network.

Segment & quarantine at-risk devices automatically.

Quarantine or remove any at-risk device from the network until the device is remediated. Build policies that look at the state of antivirus, firewall, USB ports in use, applications running, and much more.

Frequently asked questions about endpoint remediation.

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