It’s not just about wired and wireless. For any policy to be successful, you need to see everything. Portnox™ traverses all network layers from Ethernet and wireless through VPN and virtual networks and all the way to cloud PaaS and IaaS environments. Only Portnox™ illuminates, analyzes and controls all connected devices, everywhere.


Networks have become more complex, devices more diverse and users are more demanding. Your policies need to get smarter. Portnox delivers an efficient and intelligent policy engine that leverages all the detailed information gathered across all networks and locations resulting in a security policy that values productivity and pleases users and CISO’s alike.


With no appliances, agents or network changes required, Portnox™ scales the entire network, including all remote branches and sites to provide a cohesive experience and security policy across the enterprise. Customers deploy swiftly and quickly across large and small environments without any major dependencies and value is delivered on day one.

Devices Protected
Ports Protected
Sites Deployed

"We achieved complete visualization in a very short period of time with no changes to infrastructure or agent software on the end stations. Only the devices authorized by the organization are allowed access to the network."

− Omer Yuval, EL AL Israeli Airlines

"Often these things can be labour-intensive, but Portnox was running smoothly after only a couple of days. It has proven to be as good as its claims. Now anyone plugging in a foreign device of any sort, will be automatically disconnected."

− Adam Gill - Wales Millennium Centre

"We chose Portnox after a lengthy and detailed review of many other products. With an open campus including thousands of access points we needed a solution that could handle the variety of equipment spread over our many buildings."

− Israel Dac - College of Management

Take Charge of BYOD Right Now

Portnox NAC deploys through the cloud, in minutes and enables overnight visibility and control of your user’s mobile devices.

Avoid The 5 Common Pitfalls of NAC

Don’t make the same mistakes twice. Learn where NAC has failed and what you can do about it.

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