Bring network device administration into the Zero Trust fold with cloud-native TACACS+

Ensure that your networking infrastructure remains exclusive and your critical network devices are securely protected by utilizing Portnox's modern, and cloud-native TACACS+ solution.


Knock, knock. Who's there?

Zero trust remote access to your infrastructure is now easier than ever thanks to simple, secure user authentication via cloud RADIUS, Open LDAP, or Active Directory integration.

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Sorry, VIPs only.

A key aspect of any comprehensive zero trust strategy is least-privileged access - just because you’re in IT doesn’t mean you can make changes to every network access point or switch!

Define and enforce access control policies for network devices so not just anyone can tinker with your infrastructure.

I know what you did (last login).

Put an end to network admin finger-pointing and bring a smile to security auditors' faces with the ability to track user activity across network devices.

TACACS+ brings AAA (Accounting, Authentication, and Authorization) to the cloud. Available accounting records include user identities, start and stop times, and executed commands.

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Network device administration is now easier than ever.


Feature-rich & lightweight AAA services.


Azure AD

Google Workspace

Microsoft AD


Password Encryption


Privilege Levels

Session Timeouts

Command Restrictions

Allowed Services

Custom Attributes


User Identities

Start / Stop Times

Executed Commands

Packet Transfers

...and more

Don't take our word for it.

"Easy to use and 100% cloud - exactly what we were looking for"

Feb 09, 2024
Andy M.

"Robust NAC, Radius service and security service"

Feb 08, 2024
Verified User in Information Technology and Services

"Portnox: A CLEAR Winner!"

Feb 07, 2024
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"Portnox - Well planned, integrated and easy go-to NAC tool"

Apr 27, 2024
Aman A.

Out-of-the-box integrations

Portnox TACACS+ can be integrated with a variety of other common security tools, including Active Directory and SIEM.

Networking hardware agnostic

As a true cloud-native SaaS solution, Portnox TACACS+ can deliver AAA services for any device on any network anywhere in the world.

Take Portnox TACACS+ for a test drive before you buy.


Test out how simple it is to deploy
AAA services from the cloud.

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1 admin / 100 device maximum


Keep security auditors off your back with
24/7 network device administration.

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Billed Annually - Tiered Pricing; Based on Devices or Admins

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