Passwordless Authentication

Ditch those pesky passwords & never worry
about compromised credentials again.

Pick a high-profile hack from the news, and it’s almost a certainty that the entry point was a compromised password. As users, we’ve developed terrible habits – unencrypted text files with lists of logins, re-used passwords, and post-it notes with credentials taped to our monitors abound. As such, it’s no surprise that the number of data breaches is rapidly increasing – and two-factor authentication just isn’t enough.

Passwordless Authentication

Keep your network safe AND give your users a better experience!

Oftentimes increased security comes at the expense of a decreased user experience, but in this case everyone wins! With Portnox, the device handles the authentication based on a certificate that has already been distributed and stored as trusted. That means no more dealing with complex password policies, no more text messages or push notifications for two-factor authentication – from the user’s perspective it’s just turn on the device and go. We’ve eliminated any complexity associated with certificate-based authentication. You can use our agent, or integrate with a SCEP (Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol) to make deployment, well...simple!

Portnox makes implementing passwordless painless.

Portnox can act as your certificate authority, or you can use your own – either way, make phishing scams, locked out accounts, and forgotten password tickets a distant memory instead of a daily slog with Portnox and passwordless authentication.

Frequently asked questions about passwordless authentication.

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