Future Proofing Your Security Stack With Cloud-Native NAC

With so many different devices requesting network access, IT security teams must be more diligent about setting and enforcing access control policies that can effectively protect them from insider and outsider threats.

Unfortunately, traditional network access control (NAC) products have evolved into massive, monolithic systems that are very heavy to deploy and require on-going upgrades, patches and on-site appliances across each site.

In this webinar, experts from Portnox discusses how migrating to a fully cloud-native solution for access control can deliver long-term value and security for your organization.


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Customers Are Saying...

When we initially got access to the environment to conduct our proof of concept, we set up our account and then set a meeting for a week out to assess where we were and what we still needed to do. Well, my systems admin basically got everything configured in a few days all on his own.


Chris Becker
National IT Director @ AbsoluteCare

Our network engineers have found Portnox very easy to configure. The team particularly likes that there’s no on-prem component or need to upgrade servers on a regular basis.


Marcelo Lew
IT Security Manager @ Univ. of Denver

We conducted a test of Portnox CLEAR – your cloud NAC service – for access control across our WiFi environment. It took literally ten minutes to set up with the help of Portnox’s support engineer.


Andrew Sayegh
IT Infrastructure Engineer @ Schuman Cheese

We decided to go with Portnox because of its ease-of-deployment - we were set up within half an hour, and are very satisfied with how easy it is to use this centrally managed solution....With Portnox, it’s been easy to scale to other locations quickly.


Daniel Blackman
Head of IT @ McLaren Group


Some Portnox Customers