Securing your network will always be a priority – no doubt one of many priorities your IT team is faced with – but it doesn’t need to be a drain on time and resources. Companies can now leverage Portnox's cloud RADIUS to efficiently and affordably authenticate to WiFi, VPN, switches and network devices.

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Set Up Your Cloud RADIUS Server in One Click

With Portnox’s cloud RADIUS-as-a-Service solution, companies can now efficiently and affordably authenticate to WiFi, VPN, switches and network devices, while simplifying administration and enabling long-term scalability.

Goodbye Maintenance. Hello Cloud RADIUS.


With built-in integrations to AzureAD, Okta, Microsoft Intune, Palo Alto Networks and more, you can easily mesh our cloud RADIUS with your existing tech stack and remain as streamlined as ever.


Portnox is SOC-certified, GDPR ready, and can help organizations in preparation for regulatory compliance, such as PCI, HIPAA and more. All customer data is encrypted in-motion or at rest, user credentials never leave the organization, and administrators can be set to use MFA.


Flexible, pay-as-you-go subscription options allow you to scale your business as needed. Start with RADIUS Security-as-a-Service today, and upgrade to our comprehensive NAC-as-a-Service solution as your company and its network security need grow over time.

Simple & Secure

See all devices connected to your network - no matter their type or location
Deploy rapidly with no need to worry about pre-set infrastructure or lengthy training.
Leverage our built-in Certificate Authority, or work with your own - whatever your policy requires.

Get More Out of Portnox CLEAR

VPN Security


Employ continuous risk monitoring of all remotely connected endpoints, assign risk scores to off-campus devices utilizing a variety of criteria, and more.

WiFi Security


Seamlessly secure WiFi access in the cloud no matter location or device type through the use of identity-based authentication that leverages personal credentials or digital certificates.



Gain access to continuous risk monitoring of all connected endpoints, assign risk scores to endpoints utilizing a variety of criteria, and assess and mitigate threats to your network.

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