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Introducing Portnox CLEAR - cloud-delivered NAC
purpose-built for today's distributed enterprises.

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Please make sure to provide an email address with the same email domain as that of the users who will be registering for the service. No public email addresses are allowed, such as @gmail.com, @hotmail.com, etc. Following registration, you will be asked to verify ownership of this domain.

Data protection
Select a location where Portnox will store your data and information. This will ensure that your region's regulatory data compliance requirements are met.
Note: Be sure to confirm this location as it cannot be changed later.

International selected by default, but it would be even better if since we ask for the country anyway, just change the default selection based on that (if I chose 'Czech Republic' from the list, select Europe)

Enterprise NAC for Wired Ports, WiFi & VPN


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