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Portnox CLEAR is a security-as-a-service solution for network access control (NAC), visibility and risk management.

By providing full visibility into devices and the network environment, and allowing for continuous real-time monitoring and control of emerging cyber threats from all locations, CLEAR is a definitive tool for managing mid-market & enterprise network access.

Embrace the benefits of digital transformation, BYOD, IoT and the mobile workforce backed by a holistic security solution.

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Continuous Risk Monitoring

Gain continuous, real-time visibility into all endpoints – mobile, desktop, BYOD & IoT – both on & off premise. Ensure that the mobile workforce is working on safe networks, from patched and protected devices, and that there aren’t lingering vulnerabilities outside the network perimeter. Control network access remotely and apply security governance protocols from any location, at any time, for any network. With full visibility and control over potential and real risks to their networks, organizations are free to embrace popular business trends such as digital transformation, cloud, IoT and BYOD knowing that their networks, endpoints and users are secure from cyber threats.

Automated Risk Response

To adequately prevent a cyber breach, you need to know that you have the right remediation tools in place. From updating patches, to anti-virus software and managing points of access, there are endless ways to prepare for a cyber breach before it ever reaches your network. CLEAR surveys the entire network, including peripheral networks, to make sure that there aren’t any loopholes in your network and automatically “seals them” based on your organization’s network security protocols. Providing capabilities for rapid remediation and response, CLEAR not only minimizes the window of vulnerability on your networks, it provides powerful tools for responding and controlling the spread of cyber attacks.

Full IoT Visibility

With businesses of all sizes rapidly adding Internet of Things (IoT) to their technology stack, it’s time to start thinking about the security of these valuable, yet vulnerable devices. Identify the IoT devices accessing the network and control their permissions. Classify the types of IoT devices on the network, for instance, on or off perimeter, and analyze their activity accordingly. Segment IoT devices to limit their access to the rest of the network. These are all revolutionary new tools for dealing with the emerging cyber risks inherent in IoT devices. Embrace change and encourage innovation knowing that all network devices are patched, secure and vulnerability-free.

“Portnox’s focus on cloud-advantaged visibility, along with its lightweight architecture, is ahead of the curve in terms of bringing a strengthened value proposition to a mature NAC market”

– 451 Research Group

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