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The promise of a global Internet of Things (IoT) is fast approaching, posing a whole new level of threats to connected organizations. Portnox CLEAR, a SaaS cloud based solution, is exactly what organizations need when they are looking at securing their network from IoT devices. CLEAR is an agentless technology for access based scenarios utilizing an agent for deeper inspection of the endpoints across all OS platforms. With Portnox CLEAR you can:

  • See - 100% actionable visibility. In real time. Discover all of your IoT devices due to an agentless approach, centralized and infrastructure vendor agnostic.
  • Control - segmentation of your network automatically according to your IoT device type or group, in addition to risk mitigation by limiting access, placing in quarantine, blocking a device or remediation of security issue.
  • Automate - delivering unique automatic actions, enabling security teams to reduce time and cost associated with manual responses.
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Ease of Use

With a pre set-up infrastructure, any complicated integration can be enabled with a click of a button. Even novice users can complete a deployment without previous knowledge or training.

Continuous Risk Monitoring

Being a cloud solution allows CLEAR to monitor the risks and “health” of corporate and personal assets, all the time, anywhere. Whether on prem or in a coffee shop, CLEAR identifies if the user disabled the drive encryption or anti-malware or is not upholding corporate policies.

Risk Adaptive Access over the VPN

Portnox CLEAR offers a two factor authentication approach over the VPN, enabling access not only by the user’s strong identity but also based on the device risk score when accessing through the VPN.

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