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Portnox CORE Awards


As a CISO of your organization or a security manager, you have to know whether the devices and systems attempting to access your network, or already connected, are meeting your organization’s security standards. You also want to know that the solution you are about to deploy is easy to integrate, deploy, simple to manage, and that the information obtained reflects reality in real time – all the time. How confident are you that you can see all these devices in your network and manage these threats before they wreak havoc on your network?


Portnox solutions offer comprehensive Network Access Management (NAM)capabilities and more. It is built from the ground up to help organizations remain secure and leverage value from the increasingly hyper-connected enterprise. Portnox’s technology provides organizations with the visibility andappropriate network access management and control capabilities across any user, on any device, and in any location. Portnox provides two productofferings that deliver similar capabilities, but via two different deployment approaches: Portnox CORE (on-premise) and Portnox CLEAR (cloud). It is alsopossible to deploy a hybrid of the two solutions, based on your specific needs.

  • 100% actionable visibility
  • 100% agentless
  • Centralized security for all locations
  • Vendor agnostic
  • Protection from vulnerabilities that result from Mobile, BYOD, and IoT
  • Ease of deployment, requiring no prior training
  • Software-based and fully scalable, requiring no hardware
  • Cost-effective and affordable for businesses of all sizes
  • Protection of all access layers, including wireless, VPN, wired, virtual, and cloud
  • Multi-factor authentication over the VPN, based on user identity and device risk score