Cloud-native Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) that's
easy-to-use & requires no network reconfiguration.

So much has been said about ZTNA as a whole that it’s no wonder people find it confusing! When you cut through all the fluff, it boils down to a simple philosophy for network security: Never Trust, Always Verify.

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

Secure access to your networks & infrastructure – 24/7/365.

Old school security was similar to a castle protected by a moat – once you’re over the drawbridge, you’re in! ZTNA recognizes that you can’t trust anyone from inside or outside the castle, and Portnox is an essential part of your zero trust network security strategy. With everything from a laptop to a FitBit trying to access your corporate network, implicit trust is a thing of the past. Portnox covers all access layers (wired, wireless, and VPN) and all endpoints (Managed, BYOD, and IoT) with a cloud-native solution that means IT is not spending their weekends and evenings doing upgrades and maintenance.

Portnox Cloud: The zero trust solution that just makes sense.

With Portnox, you have a robust set of features at your fingertips to make ZTNA a reality. Risk assessment and automated remediation ensures that your endpoint security is top-notch, IoT fingerprinting will ensure that nothing sneaks past you onto the network, and certificate-based authentication means never worry about another phishing e-mail. Download the product brief and learn how implementing ZTNA can be easier and more robust than you ever imagined!

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