Safeguard your data & meet GLBA security requirements with zero trust access control from the Portnox CLOUD.

The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) was enacted to protect consumers' financial information. It imposes stringent security requirements on financial institutions. Zero trust network access control (NAC) from Portnox plays a crucial role in meeting GLBA security requirements. The Portnox Cloud establishes granular access controls, monitors endpoint risk, and provides real-time threat detection and response, thereby fortifying GLBA compliance and safeguarding valuable financial information.

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Seamless alignment with GLBA security requirements.

Access Control

Portnox's zero trust access control platform, which includes NAC and TACACS+ functionality, enables organizations to enforce identity- and risk-based access control policies for network and infrastructure access. This helps ensure that only authorized individuals and devices can access sensitive resources, and and helps to support GLBA's requirement of controlling access to customer financial data.

Endpoint Compliance

With Portnox, organizations can assess the compliance of endpoints with security policies and ensure that they meet the necessary security requirements, such as having updated antivirus software, patches, and encryption. This helps companies comply with the GLBA's requirement to protect customer information through appropriate security measures.

Continuous Monitoring

Another key function of the Portnox Cloud is to continuously monitor endpoint risk in an effort to detect anomalies, and identify potential security threats or unauthorized access attempts. By monitoring network activity, Portnox can provide real-time alerts and support incident response efforts, helping organizations meet GLBA's requirement for monitoring and protection of customer data.

Segmentation & Isolation

By implementing unique authentication and access control policies in Portnox, organizations can enforce granular network segmentation, separating sensitive financial data from other parts of the network. This can help limit the exposure of customer data and mitigate the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches, in line with GLBA's requirements.

Authentication & Authorization

Portnox's integrations with various IAM providers helps to ensure proper user identification and access rights. By implementing strong authentication mechanisms and granular access controls, Portnox supports GLBA's requirements for secure authentication and authorization of individuals accessing customer financial data.

Auditing & Reporting

Through TACACS+ and NAC, our zero trust platform delivers detailed accounting logs for change management, as well as reports on network access attempts, user activities, and endpoint compliance status. This granular detail can help organizations demonstrate GLBA compliance by providing evidence of access control, monitoring, and security measures taken to protect customer information.

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Extend secure access to your remote workforce in a snap.

The Portnox Cloud has been purpose-built to easily enhance your remote access security for your workforce connecting via virtual private networks (VPNs) with full endpoint risk awareness and access controls. Put simply, Portnox delivers remote access control as a cloud service.

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