BYOD Security

Take the stress out of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD)
Policy Enforcement with the Portnox Cloud.

Back in ancient times (pre-2006), people used to go to work, sit down at a desktop computer, work, and leave. Sending a text took forever, because there was no keypad. Playing Snake on a break was all the rage. In general, there wasn’t really much incentive to have you eyes glued to your phone. Oh, how times have changed! Thankfully Portnox is here to help IT deal with the never-ending parade of users wanting to connect their various devices.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Security
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Yes, secure network access control for BYOD can be easy!

ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) says you should never fully trust a device on your network is who it claims to be, but how to balance that with the demands of users who want internet access for everything from their phone to their watch? Portnox can help take the headache out of BYOD – risk assessment, self-enrollment, and passwordless authentication will keep your users happy and your IT staff from wanting to throw the next smartphone they see out the window.

Portnox tames the BYOD wilderness from end-to-end.

With Portnox Cloud, you can enable certificate-based authentication AND self-enrollment, so users can set their devices up themselves. We can assign each device a risk score based on criteria you specify and allow, quarantine, or deny access to devices based on its score – no passcode on your phone? Random device trying to sign in from across the world? No internet for you! We also integrate seamlessly with MDM solutions like JAMF and InTune, giving you even more options for device control. Download a product brief and see just how easy BYOD security can be!

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