Zero Trust NAC

This isn't the Zero Trust Network Access Control you know - it's much more than that.

Portnox zero trust NAC is the only cloud-native, vendor agnostic network access control solution that unifies network authentication, risk mitigation and compliance enforcement.

No more MFA fatigue. No more forgotten passwords.

Credentials are the weakest link no matter how strong your security posture. Implement passwordless authentication with digital certificates and never worry about a phishing attempt to steal passwords ever again.

Portnox can be your certificate authority or integrate with a 3rd party. We also support SCEP (Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol) so deploying certificates to all your devices will be simple.

The fastest, most effective way to achieve long-term zero trust.

portnox nac network access control

See & understand

Gain real-time visibility of endpoints trying to connect to your network and infrastructure, plus additional context such as their location, device type, and requested access layer for authentication.

Extend zero trust security coverage to company devices, BYOD and IoT / OT alike, no matter if they're authenticating via wired ports, WiFi or VPN.

Control & monitor

Define and enforce unique access control policies based on roles, locations, device types and more across your various network access layers.

Additionally, leverage Portnox Cloud's powerful risk assessment policy configuration capabilities to continually monitor the risk posture of connected devices - including managed and BYOD - enabling your network administrators to understand the true zero trust security posture of the network at any point in time.

portnox endpoint risk posture assessment
portnox endpoint remediation

Remain compliant

Quarantine vulnerable, non-compliant devices and return them to a healthy, compliant state automatically by setting unique endpoint remediation policies in accordance with your compliance requirements.

Portnox Cloud's compliance enforcement capabilities can help your organization adhere to industry-specific regulatory and compliance standards such as HIPAA, GLBA, PCI DSS, GDPR and beyond.

Don't take our word for it.

"Easy to setup, deploy, manage and support."

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"Seamless integration with Microsoft Intune to extend a ZTNA Network"

Jun 18, 2024
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Sign up, test & deploy in days, not months.

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Sign Up
Sign up for your free 30-day trial of Portnox Cloud online today.

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Step 2
Connect Network
Point our cloud RADIUS to your select networking hardware.

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Step 3
Configure Policies
Configure your unique network access and risk policies.

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Fully Deploy
Complete testing and fully deploy across your entire network.

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Zero trust security essentials you want. All in one place.


    • One-click cloud RADIUS
    • Anti-flood protection
    • RadSec support & RADIUS forwarding

  • Authentication

    • Role-based authentication
    • MAC authentication bypass
    • Certificate authority services

  • Security

    • 802.1X authentication
    • Dynamic VLAN / ACL assignment
    • Post-connect authorization

  • Visibility

    • Monitoring-only mode
    • Archived device data retention
    • Managed, BYOD & IoT profiling

  • Control

    • Role- & location-based access
    • Policy group assignment per device type
    • Auto-segmentation of users

  • Mitigation

    • Endpoint risk posture assessment
    • Risk-based access control
    • Firewall, antivirus & app checks

  • Remediation

    • Endpoint quarantining
    • Firewall & antivirus updates
    • Compliance enforcement

  • Reporting

    • Device visibility & connection timeline
    • Guest access history
    • Security & compliance adherence

Say goodbye to shadow IoT with pinpoint accurate IoT fingerprinting.

Portnox now delivers cloud-native, AI-powered IoT fingerprinting to enhance zero-trust security models.

The platform recognizes over 260,000 unique IoT device models across 27,000 different brands and 30,000 operating systems, with more being added every day.

By leveraging multiple different passive fingerprint methods, we can fingerprint with and profile IoT devices with an unparalleled degree of accuracy and confidence.

iot fingerprinting portnox

Essential SaaS integrations.

Portnox's cloud ZTNA solution prides itself on its partnerships and collaborations with industry-leading technologies to provide customers with the latest, greatest and most secure network access control solutions.

Networking hardware agnostic.

Portnox Cloud ZTNA can accommodate today’s most common networking hardware and architecture. As a true cloud-native SaaS solution, Portnox Cloud is capable of handling networks of any size or scale.

If you could isolate risk-prone devices & remediate them instantly, wouldn't you want to?

With AgentP, organizations can bolster their zero-trust security strategy by employing a variety of device-related security functionalities to maintain 24/7 network security compliance.