Cloud-Native TACACS+: Modern Network Device Administration

network device administration

What is TACACS+?

TACACS+ is a remote authentication protocol that allows a remote access server to communicate with an authentication server in order to validate a user’s access to a network device such as a wireless access point or wired switch (i.e. network device administration). TACACS+ can  be used to authenticate the following kinds of access to the device:

  • Telnet access
  • SSH access
  • Console access
  • Web management access
  • and more…

Cloud-Native TACACS+ by Portnox

Portnox TACACS+-as-a-Service is the first and only cloud-native solution for network device administration – authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA). TACACS+ by Portnox enables organizations to maintain transparent and secure administration of network devices by centralizing user authentication, access control policy enforcement, activity audit trails, and more – all from the cloud.

Authentication for Network Devices

Strengthen network device administration and improve organizational efficiency by authenticating users via Open LDAP, or Active Directory integration. Portnox supports Azure AD, Google Workspace, Microsoft AD, and OKTA.

Authorization & Access Control

Easily enforce network device access control policies that limit configuration changes to maintain administrative security. Dictate privilege levels, allowed services, the use of specific autocommands, custom attributes, and more.

Audit Trails & Accounting

Track user activity and attributes across network devices such as identities, start and stop times, executed commands, packet transfers, and much more to help maintain administrative transparency and streamline security audits.

Key TACACS+ Features from Portnox

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Network Device Administration with Portnox

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