Enron. WorldCom. Adelphia. Tyco. Qwest. Of all the things that marked the early years after the turn of the century, the wave of corporate fraud scandals has left a lasting mark on the landscape of American business. In the wake of these scandals, the ground-breaking Sarbanes-Oxley act was passed, and SOX Compliance became priority number one for private and public companies alike. Portnox helps you comply with SOX security standards so you can avoid your own scandal.


Elevate SOX security compliance with zero trust access control.

Access Control

Traditionally, NAC helps enforce access controls by authenticating and authorizing users and devices before granting them access to sensitive systems and data. It ensures that only authorized individuals can access financial and accounting systems, reducing the risk of unauthorized access or potential fraud. The Portnox Cloud provides reliable, secure Network Access Control without burdening your IT Team with after-hours upgrades or maintenance.

User Accountability

Network access control is designed to provide user accountability by logging and monitoring network access activities. This helps in meeting the SOX requirement of maintaining accurate and reliable records of financial transactions and system access. Portnox offers a built-in cloud RADIUS server, which delivers the gold standard protocol for authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) services, so you have a record of all access activities.

Data Protection

NAC can contribute to data protection efforts by enforcing policies that restrict access to sensitive data based on the adherence to security policies by connected devices. The Portnox Cloud has a robust risk policy engine that allows you to enforce requirements like up-to-date anti-virus and OS versions. Portnox also features automated remediation options, so user devices can be brought into compliance without the need for your IT team to intervene.

Compliance Auditing

Portnox provides comprehensive auditing and reporting capabilities, which can aid in compliance auditing required by SOX. These reports can demonstrate the implementation and effectiveness of access controls, user accountability, and data protection measures. Additionally, Portnox TACACS+ allows you to easily comply with SOX change management requirements with robust accounting for networking infrastructure.

Segregation of Duties

SOX emphasizes the segregation of duties to prevent fraud and errors. The Portnox Cloud can assist in enforcing segregation of duties by implementing role-based network access, which allows access to resources based on a user’s role and responsibilities. This ensures that confidential resources such as financial data are available only to those whose job function requires them.

Incident Response

NAC can enhance incident response capabilities by detecting and responding to unauthorized or suspicious network activities. IoT devices are a particularly attractive target for a data breach, and Portnox’s IoT Device Trust not only identifies any shadow IoT devices but can also do behavior analysis so if a camera begins acting like a laptop your IT team can take immediate action.

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Portnox won't let SOX security requirements slow you down.

While no legislation will ever fully stop fraud, the passage of SOX is credited with increasing investor and public confidence in the American business landscape.The act, which was passed in response to a number of high-profile corporate scandals, established new or enhanced standards for all U.S. public company boards, management and public accounting firms. Several other countries, including Canada, Germany, France, Australia, and many others, have passed similar legislation in an effort to improve corporate governance and financial reporting standards. Portnox Cloud can partner with you to meet your SOX security compliance needs.

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