The New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) has established comprehensive regulations, known as the Cybersecurity Regulation (23 NYCRR 500), to protect the financial services industry and its customers from cyber threats. Here’s how zero trust access control aligns with and supports New York's NYDFS cybersecurity regulation.


NYFDS compliance starts with more secure networks.

Access Control

Our cloud-native access control solution verifies the identity and security posture of devices and users before granting them access to the network, which aligns with NYDFS cybersecurity regulation requirements for implementing risk-based authentication and access controls to protect sensitive data.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Leverage MFA integrations to require additional authentication factors to access the network or go a step further with full passwordless authentication via certificates. Both methods strengthen security and comply with NYDFS requirements for privileged accounts and remote access.

Endpoint Security Compliance

With the ability to check the state of every connected device's anti-virus, firewall configurations, applications in use, and so much more, Portnox allows organizations to implement risk-based access policies that ensure effective endpoint and network security in line with NYDFS compliance.

Threat Prevention

The Portnox Cloud works in conjunction with security tools such as EDR/XDR and SIEM to detect and prevent unauthorized or malicious activities on the network. This helps in meeting NYDFS cybersecurity regulation requirements for implementing robust defenses to protect sensitive data.

Auditing & Logging

With detailed logs and audit trails of access events, user activities, and device information, the Portnox’s cloud-native zero trust access control platform can aid in compliance with NYDFS requirements for monitoring and logging network activity, facilitating incident response, and conducting security audits.

Incident Response

The Portnox Cloud plays a crucial role in incident response by providing real-time visibility into network activity and isolating compromised devices or containing potential threats. This aligns with NYDFS requirements for maintaining an effective incident response plan and rapid response to cybersecurity events.

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Is your BYOD policy leaving you exposed?

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Frequently asked questions about the NYDFS cybersecurity regulation.

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