It seems crazy to imagine it now, but in the days before the Family Educational Rights and Privacy (FERPA) act became law, access to student records was largely at the discretion of the school administration with little legal oversight. When FERPA became law, it enacted broad changes not only to who could access student records, but how schools were required to keep them safe. The Portnox Cloud can help make sure your security is up to required standards to keep confidential student data just that – confidential.

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FERPA security requirements make NAC more than a “nice to have.”

Access Control

NAC provides access control mechanisms that can help enforce the privacy and security of student education records. It ensures that only authorized individuals, such as school staff or administrators, have access to sensitive data. The Portnox Cloud offers role-based access, so that only those whose specific job function requires access to student records (probably not the janitor) can access them, thereby preventing unauthorized access and dissemination of private information.

Endpoint Security

It’s no secret that most data breaches start with malware and compromised passwords. The Portnox Cloud keeps your endpoints secure with a robust risk policy engine, which assigns a risk score to a device based off criteria in your security policy. Things like up-to-date antivirus, running firewalls, even passcodes on phones can prevent a potential bad actor from finding an entry point on your network. You can also implement passwordless authentication for next level network security.

Network Visibility

NAC provides enhanced visibility into what’s on your network. IoT devices are particularly difficult to identify; by design they are just connect-and-go to any open WiFi which means your IT Department may not be aware of what’s on the network. The Portnox Cloud’s IoT Device Trust offers accurate IoT fingerprinting and anomalous behavior detection so not only can you identify what devices are sitting on your network, but if your security camera starts passing traffic like a laptop you can automatically remove it.

Compliance Enforcement

The Portnox Cloud goes beyond traditional enforcement – which just limit a user’s ability to connect to the network - with automated remediation options for non-compliant devices. Firewall not running? We’ll start it. Anti-virus software out of date? We’ll automatically update it. By enforcing compliance, NAC helps educational institutions meet their obligations under FERPA security requirements.

Incident Response

In the event of a security incident, NAC can play a role in the response. By providing information on the devices and users connected to the network, Portnox helps identify the potential entry point of a breach and take appropriate actions. Detailed accounting and change management logs, as well as real-time access control and risk alerts can help you formulate a response plan should a security incident occur.

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Extend secure access to your remote workforce in a snap.

The Portnox Cloud has been purpose-built to easily enhance your remote access security for your workforce connecting via virtual private networks (VPNs) with full endpoint risk awareness and access controls. Put simply, Portnox delivers remote access control as a cloud service.

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