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Shield your network with zero trust NAC, ensuring Cyber Essentials compliance & impenetrable security.

Cyber Essentials aims to enhance cybersecurity practices for organizations across the UK, providing a foundation of essential security measures to mitigate common cyber threats. Network Access Control (NAC) plays a vital role in supporting Cyber Essentials requirements by ensuring granular control over network access. With Portnox, organizations can enforce strict authentication, authorization, and risk policies to meet a wide array of areas covered by Cyber Essentials.

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NAC: An essential in any security stack.

Device Visibility & Inventory

Portnox offers comprehensive device visibility and inventory capabilities. Our zero trust access control platform can identify and categorize all devices connecting to the network, including managed devices, BYOD and IoT. This visibility helps organizations ensure that all devices accessing their network comply with the Cyber Essentials guidelines.

Endpoint Compliance Assessment

The Portnox Cloud enables organizations to assess the compliance of endpoints with the required security configurations and software updates. It can verify if devices meet the Cyber Essentials' baseline requirements, such as having up-to-date patches, active firewalls, and secure configurations. Non-compliant devices can be isolated or denied network access until they meet the necessary standards.

Access Control & Segmentation

As with most NAC services, Portnox allows organizations to define granular access policies based on user roles, device types, and security postures. By segmenting the network and applying access controls, Portnox ensures that only authorized and compliant devices can access specific resources or sensitive information, enforcing the network boundaries required by the Cyber Essentials framework.

Authentication & Authorization

Portnox facilitates strong authentication mechanisms through integrations with prominent identity and access management (IAM) systems. This enables organizations to enforce user authentication based on the principles of least privilege, strengthening access controls and aligning with Cyber Essentials' recommendations.

Threat Detection & Response

Organizations can monitor network traffic, analyze behavioral patterns, and detect potential security incidents or anomalies. By integrating the platform with security information and event management (SIEM) solutions, organizations can enhance their ability to detect and respond to cyber threats, aligning with the Cyber Essentials' goal of maintaining effective incident response capabilities.

Continuous Monitoing

Our cloud-native NAC provides ongoing monitoring and reporting capabilities, allowing organizations to continuously assess the compliance of devices and network activities. Regular reports and audits can be generated to demonstrate adherence to the Cyber Essentials framework, helping organizations maintain their certification and providing evidence of their cybersecurity posture.

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Top UK lender moves access control to the cloud.

Everyday Loans was able to deploy Portnox across its 75 sites across the UK with relative ease, saving the company’s headquarters for last. “Portnox has exceeded my expectations. Now that it is fully deployed, the visibility and control we have of users authenticating to the network is unparalleled,” said the company's Head of IT.

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