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So, picture this: a bunch of cybersecurity gurus got together and were like, "We need some rock-solid guidelines to keep our systems safe!" That's how the CIS Controls were born...well, kinda. Now, NAC (Network Access Control) steps in to help enforce those security guidelines, ensuring only legit users and devices get access - like a bouncer for your network, keeping the bad guys out and the good guys free to work.

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Without NAC, you’re CIS...out of control.

CIS Control 1: Inventory & Control of Hardware Assets

NAC can help in identifying and controlling hardware assets by enforcing authentication and authorization mechanisms before allowing network access. This is precisely what the Portnox Cloud enables - all without actually having to install or maintain any additional hardware on-site.

CIS Control 3: Data Protection

Portnox's zero trust platform contributes to data protection efforts by ensuring that only authorized devices and users can access sensitive data stored on the network. The platform's powerful network segmentation capabilities add security layers across the network for all users.

CIS Control 13: Need to Know Access

Network access control is designed to enforce access controls based on user roles, device types, or other criteria, ensuring that individuals or devices only have access to the resources necessary for their job functions. This functionality is available with with Portnox out-of-the-box.

CIS Control 14: Wireless Access Control

Portnox seamlessly delivers network authentication and access control capabilities for all access layers, including wireless - no matter if designated for employees, guests or contractors. The platform can be layered over any wireless networking gear without any reconfiguration needed.

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TACACS+: Your car has AAA, so why can’t your networking gear?

Not everyone on your IT team should be able to make changes to networking gear. With TACACS+ from Portnox, keep a tight grip on authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) policies for networking infrastructure without having to break the bank. Oh, and did we mention it’s fully cloud-native? Ditch the extra hardware and give our network device administration capabilities a go today.

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