In 2018, The European Union passed the General Data Protection Regulation law, a revolutionary broad-sweeping set of regulations that define how organizations doing business with EU citizens should protect and store personal data. A key part of GDPR is securing data, which starts with securing access to your network. Find out how the Portnox Cloud’s zero trust NAC is helping organizations of all kinds align with GDPR cyber security requirements.


NAC and GDPR: A match made in compliance heaven.

Data Protection and Security

GDPR mandates the implementation of appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of personal data. NAC helps enforce security policies by authenticating and authorizing users and devices before granting access to the network. It ensures that only authorized individuals can access personal data, reducing the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches. Portnox offers a feature-rich cloud-native NAC that provides all of the benefits of network access control while removing the headache of upgrades and patches.

Access Control and Least Privilege

GDPR emphasizes the principle of least privilege, which means that individuals should only have access to the personal data necessary for their specific roles. Portnox Cloud enforces access control policies, allowing organizations to define granular access permissions based on user roles, responsibilities, and the sensitivity of the data they need to access. This ensures that individuals have appropriate access rights while reducing the potential for data misuse and preventing lateral movement through the network in the event of unauthorized access.

Device Compliance and Security

NAC verifies the security posture and compliance of devices attempting to connect to the network by enforcing security policies such as having up-to-date antivirus software, patched operating systems, and other security configurations. This helps mitigate the risk of compromised or vulnerable devices accessing personal data, which aligns with GDPR's security requirements. Portnox Cloud not only offers a robust risk policy engine, but also automated remediaton options so devices can be made compliant without your IT Team having to intervene.

Data Breach Prevention and Detection

GDPR requires organizations to take measures to prevent and detect data breaches. NAC can contribute to these efforts by monitoring and identifying unusual or unauthorized access attempts. It can detect anomalies, such as unauthorized devices or unusual user behavior, and trigger alerts or actions to mitigate potential threats. By proactively identifying and responding to potential breaches, NAC helps organizations comply with GDPR's breach notification and mitigation requirements. A common target for hackers is IoT devices; Portnox offers a robust IoT Device Trust solution that not only identifies devices on your network but will alert you if a device shows anomalous behavior so you can take immediate action.

Accountability and Auditability

GDPR emphasizes the need for organizations to demonstrate compliance and be accountable for their data processing activities. NAC provides robust auditing capabilities, logging detailed information about user and device activities on the network. These logs can help organizations track and monitor data access, identify potential security incidents, and support incident response efforts. By maintaining comprehensive audit trails, NAC assists organizations in meeting their accountability obligations under GDPR.  Portnox offers accounting as part of its RADIUS and TACACS+ offerings, along with regular reports and alerts around device compliance so your IT Team knows exactly what is happening with your network security at a glance.

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Future-proof your GDPR cyber security compliance program.

GDPR is the first regulation of its kind across the world, but it won’t be the last.  As consumers become increasingly aware of how their personal information can be put at risk, they will demand tighter controls on how that data is managed.  Portnox Cloud is an essential tool in keeping your network secure and the trust of your users.  Download our product brief to learn more today.

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