DORA Regulation


Prior to the passage of the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), compliance standards for financial institutions across the E.U. were a confusing mess. In an effort to streamline these standards, DORA created a framework for information and communication technology risk management so that consumers could feel safe about who they trusted with their money. Today, NAC is helping companies meet DORA compliance requirements.

DORA Regulation

Explore how NAC aligns with DORA regulation compliance.

Enhanced Access Control

NAC solutions play a crucial role in enhancing cybersecurity within organizations by enforcing strict access controls. These controls can help align with DORA regulation cybersecurity objectives by ensuring that only authorized personnel and devices can access critical systems and data. Strong access control is Portnox Cloud’s specialty. Utilizing the 802.1X protocol - the gold-standard for network access protocol – Portnox can deliver robust authentication and authorization across wired, wireless, and VPN connections. For IoT devices that typically don’t support 802.1x, we have IoT Device Trust, which not only fingerprints IoT devices with 96% accuracy but also looks for anomalous behavior to prevent MAC address spoofing. If your security camera starts acting like a laptop, Portnox will alert you and kick it off the network.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

NAC solutions often include features for continuous monitoring and risk assessment of devices connected to the network. This aligns with DORA's focus on identifying and mitigating cybersecurity risks in the financial sector. NAC can provide real-time visibility into the devices and users accessing financial networks, allowing organizations to detect and respond to security threats more effectively. Portnox not only offers continuous risk assessment based on security policies you create, but we have automated remediation options that will take the guesswork out of access for your users and IT staff. Windows firewall not running? We’ll start it. Unauthorized USB drive? We’ll eject it. You can define policies for a plethora of devices, from smartphones to linux workstations.

Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

DORA imposes specific cybersecurity and operational resilience requirements on financial entities operating within the EU. NAC can help organizations demonstrate compliance with these requirements by providing audit trails, access logs, and other documentation that show how access controls and security policies are enforced. This can simplify the compliance reporting process for financial institutions. Portnox Cloud uses RADIUS for AAA services – Authorization, Authentication, and Accounting, so you can keep track of who is on your network and when. We also offer alerting and reporting options that can provide you an overview of what is happening with your network and let you know of any issues. Portnox Cloud will make sure you are in the know when it counts.

Incident Response and Reporting

DORA regulation requires financial entities to have robust incident response plans and reporting mechanisms in place. NAC can assist in incident response by quickly isolating compromised devices from the network and limiting the spread of threats. Additionally, NAC can generate reports and logs that can be used for incident documentation and reporting, helping organizations meet their DORA regulation compliance obligations. IoT devices are particularly susceptible to data breaches, and Portnox Cloud’s IoT device trust was created with that in mind. Not only do we have highly accurate IoT Fingerprinting, but if your security camera starts acting like a laptop we can automatically quarantine or completely remove it from the network.

Data Protection

DORA regulation also emphasizes data protection and the importance of safeguarding sensitive financial data. NAC can help protect data by ensuring that only authorized users and devices have access to financial systems and data repositories. It can also prevent unauthorized data exfiltration attempts by restricting the movement of data to and from unauthorized devices. Role-based access is key to making sure your sensitive data is safe – only people who should have access to it will have access to it. Another key aspect is segmentation – making sure that if someone is one part of the network, their movement to other parts is restricted. Portnox Cloud will make sure no one is traveling across your network viewing sensitive data.

Enhanced Authentication

NAC solutions often integrate with MFA systems to provide an additional layer of security. DORA recommends strong authentication measures, and NAC can enforce MFA for users accessing financial systems, helping organizations comply with these recommendations. Experts agree simple passwords are not enough – in fact, compromised passwords are responsible for the vast majority of all data breaches. Portnox Cloud can integrate with your MFA systems or even better, help you go passwordless for the best authentication security possible. Certificate-based authentication is phishing and social engineering proof, along with providing a better user experience and saving your IT teams time, and Portnox Cloud makes it easy.

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Product Brief

NAC is an essential tool to have in your backpack for DORA regulation.

Simplifying things is always a worthwhile goal. Now’s your chance to simplify network access control and fall in line with DORA regulation requirements. Find out how the Portnox Cloud is helping organizations of all sizes revamp and strengthen their access control faster than ever.

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