MDM Integration

Amplify your endpoint management
& security with the Portnox Cloud.

Once upon a time, people went to work, used their work computer, and then went home. Now, work comes with you everywhere - from mobile phones to tablets to smart watches, users come with a plethora of devices that want internet access. Thankfully Portnox integrates with your MDM solution so you can enforce device compliance policies and ensure a healthy network security posture 24/7.

mdm integration portnox
mdm integration portnox

Leverage integrations with Microsoft Intune & Jamf.

Without an mobile device management solution, your IT department would be drowning in requests to join devices to the network, but the last thing you need is yet another tool that operates in a silo. Portnox Cloud integrates with both Jamf and Microsoft Intune, and can easily mesh with your current endpoint environment and management requirements.

Level up your risk assessment capabilities with Portnox’s AgentP.

AgentP offers a number of configuration, risk assessment, and compliance enforcement benefits beyond what Microsoft Intune and Jamf provide out of the box. Enforce security policies like no jailbreaking/rootkitting, require passcodes, block devices from certain locations, and more - everything you need to allow your users the freedom to BYOD without keeping IT up at night. And speaking of getting a good night’s sleep, Portnox Cloud has all the benefits of a true cloud-native solution like no weekend maintenance or upgrades.

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