The people of California got tired of their personal info being exploited. It’s all about giving folks control over their data. And hey, that's where NAC, Network Access Control, jumps in, helping companies manage and secure data access, making sure CCPA rules are followed. Cool, right?

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Make CCPA compliance a breeze with cloud-native NAC.

Enhanced Access Control

Portnox enables you to enforce access controls by implementing policies that restrict network access based on user identity, device type, and other contextual factors. By ensuring that only authorized individuals and devices have access to sensitive data, Portnox helps organizations comply with the CCPA's requirement to protect personal information from unauthorized access.

Device Visibility

Gain greater visibility into all devices connecting to a network, and better identify and classify personal information on devices to ensure compliance with the CCPA's requirement to track and monitor personal data with the Portnox Cloud. Portnox also enforces compliance by assessing every endpoint's security posture, helping identify and mitigate vulnerabilities that may lead to data breaches.


Segment your network by separating different user groups or devices into distinct virtual networks or VLANs dynamically with the Portnox Cloud. This segmentation limits the exposure of personal information, reduces the risk of lateral movement within the network, and supports the CCPA's requirement to protect personal data by limiting its access and exposure to potential cyber threat actors.

Identity & Authentication

Leverage integrations with existing authentication systems and common Identity & Access Management (IAM) solutions like Azure Active Directory, MS Active Directory, Google Workspace, Okta, JumpCloud, and more. Portnox enables organizations to enforce stronger network authentication and comply with the CCPA's requirement to implement reasonable security measures to protect personal information.

Compliance Reporting

The Portnox Cloud allows organizations to automatically generate detailed reports and logs regarding network access, user activities, and device compliance. These reports can assist organizations in demonstrating compliance with the CCPA's accountability and transparency requirements by providing evidence of access controls, data protection measures, and incident response actions.

Incident Response

At Portnox, we enable companies to leverage real-time monitoring and auditing capabilities (such as with our cloud-native TACACS+ functionality), which allows network administrators to detect anomalous behavior, potential data breaches, or unauthorized access attempts. This critical functionality aligns with the CCPA's requirement to implement security measures to detect and respond to security incidents.

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Move aside MFA, passwordless authentication is here...and your network couldn’t be happier.

Picture this: no more juggling between a bunch of passwords, sticky notes, and password managers. With passwordless authentication from the Portnox Cloud, it's like waving a magic wand and voila! You're in. No more worries about forgetting passwords or hackers guessing them.

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