EDR / XDR Integration

Sleep soundly knowing your connected endpoints are compliant 24/7/365 - no matter where they are.

With the proliferation of network devices, IoT, BYOD, and work-from-anywhere policies, IT admins are probably dreaming of living in a cabin on a remote mountaintop to reclaim their sanity. Fortunately, EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) and next-gen XDR (Extended Detection and Response) solutions help bring machine learning to threat detection. Portnox works in conjunction with these tools to make network security worry-free.

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Keep your endpoints segmented & secure across the network.

EDR solutions are designed to deep dive into an endpoint and detect anomalies in behavior or traffic and alert the administrators to stop an attack as soon as possible. XDR pulls in additional logging from network devices to create a larger picture that goes beyond just end points. As a part of your security infrastructure, Portnox not only helps enforce critical pre-connect security policies on your device (such as requiring up-to-date anti-virus or starting firewalls,) it also integrates with these solutions via the RESTapi so all your critical tools work together to keep you safe.

Portnox takes endpoint security to the next level.

With Portnox you get a robust risk policy engine that lets you automatically calculate a risk score for each endpoint. We go beyond the standard Deny/Allow/Quarantine and actually take corrective actions like stop or start a service, remove an application, and more, which works with your EDR/XDR solution to keep your endpoints secure and your attack surface small. We also integrate with EDR/XDR solutions so you can take advantage of the machine learning capabilities to analyze your endpoints and take your threat detection to the next level.

Frequently asked questions about EDR / XDR.

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