SIEM Integration

Bring network access policy events into the fold
to stay ahead of access threats in real-time.

SIEM is critical to helping you collect log messages and events from all your devices, analyze user behavior, and let you know if anything out of the ordinary might indicate a problem. Portnox's out-of-the-box SIEM integration with a variety of popular SIEM solutions means you don’t have to spend time jumping around to different solutions to keep track of everything.


AI-powered access control analysis can catch anomalies in a snap.

Modern-day SIEM solutions can do some amazing things – AI can analyze typical user behavior and identify if someone’s atypical traffic might indicate a compromised device. They can do compliance reporting for HIPPA, GDPR, SOX, and other standards, and most importantly they can give you more visibility to what’s happening on your network. Portnox knows how valuable it is for tools to work together to create a comprehensive security solution, which is why we integrate with many of the most popular SIEM tools – Rapid7, CloudFlare, Solarwinds....the list goes on!

Portnox's SIEM integration unites NAC with your critical security infrastructure.

Portnox integrates with just about any SIEM solution that utilizes the RestAPI, which means the alerts we generate are rolled up into your broader security posture. Devices violating Risk policy, compliance reports, and more will be easily accessible. Check out the product brief and learn more about how Portnox works with the essential tools you already have to create a comprehensive zero trust strategy.

Frequently asked questions about SIEM.

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