NAC: Empowering NIST Compliance with Unparalleled Network Security and Access Control Strength

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) sets guidelines and standards to ensure robust cybersecurity practices. The Portnox Cloud plays a pivotal role in achieving NIST compliance. By enforcing granular access policies, Portnox's zero trust NAC ensures only authorized devices and users can access the network, mitigating risks of unauthorized access, data breaches, and insider threats. With continuous monitoring and real-time threat response capabilities, Portnox provides the necessary visibility and control to align with NIST's rigorous security requirements.

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Access Control

NIST compliance requires the enforcement of access control policies to ensure that only authorized and authenticated devices and users are granted access to the network. Fortunately, the Portnox Cloud's does just that - it's key function is to deliver robust authentication, authorization, and accounting policies across wired, wireless and remote networks for managed devices, BYOD and IoT.

Endpoint Compliance

Portnox's cloud-native NAC verifies the compliance of endpoints connecting to the network - a critical requirement within NIST security guidelines. Our zero trust platform assesses factors such as device health, presence of security patches, and updated antivirus software, ensuring that devices meet the necessary security standards before granting network access.

Continuous Monitoring

In line with NIST's continuous monitoring requirements, Portnox can conduct device risk posture assessment 24/7, helping to identify any potential at-risk connected devices, and take action to quarantine and remediate endpoints that fall out of compliance. This functionality is enabled using the platform's AgentP or by leveraging integrations with MDM solutions (Microsoft Intune and Jamf).

Security Policy Enforcement

Portnox's zero trust NAC allows organizations to define and enforce security policies aligned with NIST guidelines. These policies span authentication, access control, risk posture assessment, and endpoint remediation. The platform ensures that the defined policies are applied consistently across the network - no matter which access layers are in use (wired, wireless of remote).

Visibility and Reporting

The Portnox Cloud provides detailed visibility into network access requests, delivering records of endpoint location, device type, connected access layer, and more. This visibility allows organizations to generate reports and audits, demonstrating compliance with NIST standards. It also helps in identifying any potential compliance gaps or security risks that need to be addressed.

Incident Response

Portnox integrates with a wide variety of different Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools to enhance incident response capabilities. By sharing contextual information about network access and user activities, Portnox enables quicker and more accurate response to security incidents, aligning with NIST's incident handling and response guidelines.

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As a robust protocol that provides secure authentication and access management to networks, 802.1X is widely regarded as the gold standard for network access control. The Portnox Cloud has been designed to support any network that leverages 802.1X, giving you unprecedented flexibility, compatibility, and security when it comes to your network.

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